Saint Croix Courier, St. Stephen, NB
January 25, 1894


Contributions to the History of Charlotte County and the Border Towns.


The following is the full list of grantees of the lots on the Digdeguash laid out for the men of the 74th  regiment, according to grant of March 6, 1790:-

Eastern Division.  

1,2 Archibald Williamson
3 Robert McLellan
4 John Hewey
5 Alex McTavish
6 Donald Malloch
7 John McIlroy
8 Alex. McRae
9 Robert McLellan
10 John Johnson
11 David Craig
12,13 Peter Fisher
14-16 Duncan McFarlane
17 Robert Lindsay
18 Donald McLellan
19 John McFarlane
20 Donald Carmichael
21 Alex. McArthur
22 Hugh Cameron
23 Angus McDonald
24 Alex McRae
25 Angus McDonald
26 Hugh Stuart
27 (Reserved)
28 William Row
29 James Stewart
30 John McIlroy
31 William Stewart
32 Alex. Cameron
33 David Craig
34,35 Hugh Stewart
36,37 Donald McDonald
38,39 William Gallop
40,41 Thomas Fitzsimmons

Western Division.  

1 David Little
2 John Watt
3 Robert Sellars
4 Peter McDiarmid
5 Hugh Cameron
6 Robert Cowey
7 John McPhail
8 Mark Lumsdane
9 Alex. McRae
10,11 John Scott
12 Peter McLellan
13 James Long
14 John Cockburn
15 Alex. Cameron
16,17 Roderick McLellan
18 Donald McLean
19 Peter McDiarmid
20 Dougal Carmichael
21 William Dow
22 John Dick
23 Isaac McRae
24 Angus McDonald
25-27 Hugh Stuart

The following list, found on an old plan, seems to be earlier, and perhaps shows the original claimants:-

Eastern Division.  

Arch’d Williamson Alexdr. Stewart
Charles Chatty Donald McIntire
Jno Dawby James Smith
Allex’dr McTavish Peter McDormit
Donald Mallock Duncan McIntire
John McIlroy Angust McDonald
Hugh McFarlin James Bowman
Robt. McLellen Jno. McPhail
Jno. Johnston James Gosling
David Craig James Stewart
Robt. Cowie Allen Stewart
James Weir George Stewart
Jno. Munrow Wm. Row
Jno. McLellen John Anderson
James Scott Thos. Emerson
Robr. Lindsay Donald McLain
Charryty McFarlin Joseph McDonald
Alexdr. Ross  

Western Division.  

David Little Walter McFarling
Jno. Watt Nevin McVicar
Joseph McKay Hugh Henderson
Peter McDarmot Donald McLain
Hugh McFarland Duncan McFarling
Peter Fisher Dougald Carmachall
Jno. McPhail Charles Carrick
Mark Lemsden Allex’dr McCarter
Donald McInnis Isac McRa
Jno. Scott Angust McDonald
Peter McLellen Hugh Stewart
James Long Wm. Stuart
Jno. Cockburn  

Dr. Emerson sold his lots in the eastern division, numbered 36 and 37, to Alex. McLeod, in 1787.


Article xxviii.-Extracts from a letter of the famous Jesuit Missionary, Father Pierre Biard, given in the Proceedings of the Maine Historical Society for Oct. 1891, show that in the winter of 1612, in company with M. de Biencourt, he entered the St. John, the St. Croix, the Pentegoet and the Kinibequi; and ‘visited the French who wintered here this year in two places, on the river St. John and on the St. Croix; the men from St. Malo on the St. John, Captain Plastrier on the St. Croix.’  Captain Platrier of Honfleur, (as the name is given further on,) had a little while before been taken prisoner by the English near the mouth of the Kinibequi (Kennebec), and released on promise that he would not trade along the coast.  Biencourt visited the place where Platrier had been seized, and found boats there left by the English; but he did not destroy them because they belonged not to soldiers, but to fishermen.

Article xcix.-The Mowatt MS. spoken of as lost has since been found in Edinburgh, and is published in the same number of the Proceedings.  It contains no reference to the destruction of Falmouth, and adds little of special interest to the account of the siege of Penobscot.