My husband, Dave, has had mitochondrial DNA testing done by Family Tree DNA. So far he has had just the HVR1 test done. The results are as follows:

Mitosearch Name Haplo HVR1
TRVZP David Secord H 162G,209C,519C

Mitochondrial DNA is passed down the maternal line unchanged except for the occasional mutation. Here is Dave's maternal line as far back as I have been able to take it:


David Secord - living

Marjorie (Davidson) Secord - 1926-1991, born in New Brunswick

May (Maxwell) Davidson - 1903-1992, born in New Brunswick

Mary (Campbell) Maxwell - 1875-1951, born in New Brunswick

Ann (Dives) Campbell - 1842-1928, born in New Brunswick

Jane (Gowland) Dives - 1811-1878, born in Yorkshire, England

Ann (Farthing) Gowland - 1788-1858, likely born in Yorkshire, England

If your mtDNA matches Dave's, I would be interested in hearing from you, especially if your maternal line goes back to New Brunswick or the Hull area of England. Please contact me at caren.a.chandler"AT"gmail.com. (Replace the "AT" with @.)