(From PANB: RS24 House of Assembly Sessional Records 1838, Petition # 291)

Petition of James Davidson a meritorious old Soldier of the Revolutionary War praying for aid in his distressed situation.
29th Jan’y 1838 by Mr Brown
Old Sol. Com.

Petition # 291   1838   RS24

To His Excellency Major General Sir John Harvey K.C.H. & C.B. Lieut. Governor & Commander in Chief - the Honorable His Majesty's Legislative Council & the Honorable House of Assembly of the Province of New Brunswick –

The Petition of James Davidson Humbly Sheweth

That your Petitioner is a native of Scotland, & enlisted when young in the 63d. Regiment commanded by Col. Patterson - & came out in the year '76 to America where he served in the Revolutionary War - was at the taking of Fort Montgomery on the North River - and also at the Siege of Charlestown, where he was wounded in two places, having received a thrust of a Bayonet in the arm and a Ball in his leg - was invalided & sent to join the Royal Garrison Battalion at Bermuda, where he remained until the Peace - when with others he embraced the offer held out by Government of Settling on Land in New Brunswick - Although Petitioner is confident that if proper steps had been taken by him at that time - he might have obtained the benefits of Chelsea Hospital –

Petitioner accordingly came to this Province and drew Lands in Charlotte County on which he still resides - great hardships were experienced by him in settling in a new & wilderness Country with the nature of which he was unacquainted - and having at length after many years of severe labor arrived at a degree of comparative comfort he was latterly visited by misfortunes arising from sickness in his Family & the Rheumatism which has made a cripple of him for the last ten or twelve years - by which means he is now much reduced in his circumstances - Petitioner is now 82 years of age - he prays Your Excellency & Honors to take his case into your favorable consideration - and grant him such aid as to you may seem meet and as in duty bound will ever pray -

St. Georges 16 Jan'y

 James X Davidson

Personally came before me the Petitioner James Davidson & made Oath to the truth of the facts stated in the foregoing Petition and I verily believe the same to be true.

St. George 16 Jan'y
 1838                                                                                        Pat. Clinch J. P.