Elizabeth Hanson's story was given to me by Bob Gunn, a Hanson descendant. The information on Elizabeth Hanson's children and on her connection to John Hanson, early settler in Charlotte County, comes from other Hanson researchers.  The source is not known to me and I have not attempted to confirm it.

John and Elizabeth Hanson were living in Dover, New Hampshire at the time that this story took place. In this version, Elizabeth states that she was captured on June 27, 1724. See http://www.canadiana.org/cgi-bin/ECO/mtq?doc=45560 for another online version, which gives the date as August 27, 1725. This fits with the date of birth of Mercy as given below.

Here is the list of children of John and Elizabeth Hanson that I was given:

1) Hannah - born Jun. 11, 1705

2) Sarah - born Nov. 13, 1707

3) Elizabeth - born Nov. 13, 1709/10

4) John - born Mar. 17, 1713

5) Isaac - born Feb. 25, 1714

6) Daniel - born Mar. 26, 1718

7) Ebenezer - born Feb. 27, 1720

8) Caleb - born Feb. 8, 1721

9) Mercy - born Aug. 13, 1724

10) Abigail - born 1727, after her father's death

Ebenezer and Caleb were the two sons who were killed immediately. The elder Elizabeth, plus her daughters Sarah, Elizabeth and Mercy, her son Daniel, and a maidservant were captured. The elder Elizabeth, Mercy, and Daniel were eventually taken to the French in Port Royal, Nova Scotia, where John was able to ransom them. First, though, the baby Mercy was baptized by the French there. The name given in the story is Mary Ann Frossway - possibly Marie Anne Francoise? We aren't told where the daughter Elizabeth was taken but she was ransomed as well.

Sarah was taken to what is now Quebec, and her father was unable to secure her release. She married Jean Baptiste Sabourin there on July 27, 1727. Rene Jette's Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec indicates that she was baptized in the Catholic Church at Oka on July 21, 1727, and was given the name Catherine at that time. Her marriage record gives her name as Sara Ennson, the daughter of Jean and Elisabeth (Midar) Ennson. Sarah and Jean Baptiste Sabourin had a number of children, two of whom married Raizennes. Their father was listed in the French records as Ignace Raizenne, but he was really Josiah Rising, and he and his wife Abigail Nims were both captives from New England as well. For an account of the experiences of Josiah and Abigail (and numerous others, though not Sarah), see True Stories of New England Captives Carried to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars, by C. Alice Baker. This book was originally published in 1897 and was reissued in 1990 by Heritage Books, Maryland. Teena Parlee, a descendant of Sarah, has pointed out to me that the Jean Baptiste Sabourin/Sarah Hanson house in Hudson, Quebec still exists, and is now known as the Greenwood Centre. See https://greenwoodcentre.org/family-history/ for more information.

Isaac, the second son of John and Elizabeth (Meader) Hanson, had a son named John who was born in 1739. He was an early settler in Charlotte County, New Brunswick. See also the "Glimpses of the Past" article LXXVIII - ST. ANDREWS, for more on John Hanson. One of John's sons, William, married Dorcas Milliken.