From Library and Archives Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785

(M.G. 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 24, pages 168-171) Microfilm C-9818

The list below has been sorted in alphabetical order by surname, in order to isolate possible family groups.

Roll of Loyalists &ce settled at Belle Vue in Beaver Harbour 10th July 1784

[Men] Women Childn above 10 Childn undr 10
      Benjn Anderson
      George Anderson
    Mary Andrews  
Jack Ash* ["Negro"] Amy Ash* ["Negro"]    
James Ash* ["Negro"]      
Edward Babe Keturah Babe    
Charles Baker      
John Barnhook      
Caleb Barret Zurh Barrett    
Zach. Bartly      
      Fanny Beebee
      James Beebee
Garret Belmind      
  Betty* [no last name, "Negro"]    
Joseph Bisham      
Andw Blackman      
Thos Brannon Eliz. Brannon    
Benjamin Brown      
Saml Browne      
Andw Brundige      
Thos Buckley jun      
Jacob Buffington      
Richd Buffington      
Edward Burke      
John Burke      
Thomas Burtis      
Justus Butler Luthey Butler Luthy Butler  
Peter Butler   Unus Butler  
Samuel Butler      
John Cain      
Edward Connell Sarah Connell Catharine Connell  
    Daniel Connell  
    Eliz. Connell  
Wm Cook Marian Cook   Wm Cook
Dennis Cosgrove      
German Davis Hester Davis    
John Dennis Martha Dennis   Henry Dennis
Josiah Dikeman Jane Dikeman   Nancy Dikeman
  Rachel Done   Moses Done
Nathl Downing      
Jonn Dubble      
Benjn Dunn Margt Dunn    
Jeremiah Dunn Mary Dunn    
Jonathan Dunn Rebecca Dunn    
Samuel Fairis      
  Margt Farrington* [servant]    
John Fairlamb Hannah Fairlamb   John R. Fairlamb
      Samuel Fairlamb
Geo. Field      
Jeremh Fitz      
  Eliz. Ford    
Moses Foulk      
Benjn Freeman      
Wm Fry* [servant]      
John Garrison      
Gilbert Gibson Hannah Gibson    
William Gibson      
Evan Griffiths Rebecca Griffiths Anne Griffiths James Griffiths
John Griffiths   Hester Griffith John Griffiths
    Mary Griffith  
    Sarah Griffith  
John Guyon Sarah Guyon    
Abner Hampton      
Andw Hampton      
Aaron Hand Hester Hand   Phebe Hand
John Hand      
Samuel Hand      
James Harris      
Wm Harrison      
Samuel Hart      
Simon Henley      
Saml Hillwell      
John Hinchman      
John Horner Lydia Horner   Eliz. Horner
      Isaac Horner
      John Horner
Isaac* [no last name, "Negro"]      
Joseph Jackson      
Joe* [no last name, "Negro"]      
Cato Johnston* ["Negro"] Lucy Johnston* ["Negro"]    
Jas Johnston* ["Negro"]      
Jacob Joiles      
Garret Jones      
Reuben Judd Ann Judd Joshua Judd  
Wm Judd   Lydia Judd  
    Sarah Judd  
Judge* [no last name, "Negro"]      
Wm Kelly* [servant]      
George King Joshua King [under Women]   Christr King
Mathias Kizar      
David Kniffing      
John Knight Sarah Knight    
Josha Knight Uphamia Knight    
Joshua Knight jun      
James Lacy      
Jesse Laurence      
George Lawrence      
Richd Lawrence      
Samuel Little Martha Little Benjn Little Mary Little
    William Little Patty Little
Charles Lockwood      
Millington Lockwood      
John Loorborough Margt Loorborough    
George Lumsdale Eliz. Lumsdale Eliz. Lumsdale Saml Lumsdall
    Geo. Lumsdale Stephen Lumsdall
Richd Mathews      
Fredk Maybee Lovina Maybee Ann Maybee Fredk Maybee
    Eliz. Maybee Mary Maybee
    Lydia Maybee Sarah Maybee
    Oliver Maybee Simon Maybee
      Elizabth McLean
John McCullum      
John McIntosh* [servant]      
Jonn McOwen      
Joseph Mead      
    John Millan  
    Vincent Miller James Miller
John Mott Abigail Mott    
Samuel Nash Martha Nash   Martha Nash
Natt* [no last name, "Negro"]      
Elliot Palmer      
Nathl Palmerby      
Stephen Pangbourn      
Thomas Parent      
Benjn Parker Anne Parker   Ephraim Parker
John Parker Eliz. Parker   Nathl Parker
Jonathan Parker      
Jonn Parker jun      
Joseph Parker      
Robt Parker      
Samuel Parker      
Caleb Paul Eliz. Paul   Margt Paul
Jonn Paul Prisscilla Paul   Moses Paul
Thos Paul     Moses Paul
James Pierce      
Willm Place   Eliz. Place  
    Rosetta Place  
    Smith Place  
Israel Powell      
Jacob Pratt      
Peter Price Anne Price   John Price
      Mary Price
      Ruth Price
Tartolus Ranger      
  Abigail Rankin Anne Rankin Rebecca Rankin
John Rankin      
Abraham Rankin      
Roads Rankin      
Wm Ranter      
Daniel Register      
Albert Rekeman Eliz. Rikeman    
Anthy Rekeman Eliz. Rikeman 2d    
Peter Rekeman      
Robert Robins      
  Anne Rogers* [servant]    
Amos Rooke Martha Roake   Fanny Rooke
      Geo. Rooke
Charles Rundell Simthy Rundell    
James Russell Eliz. Russell   Molly Russell
Joseph Russel Martha Russell    
Ruel Russell      
Eleazer Sanger Hannah Sanger    
Orange Seeley      
Ephraim Shulea   Daniel Shelea  
    Mary Shelea  
    Oliver Shelea  
    Ruth Shelea  
    Sybell Shelea  
Drummond Simpson Sarah Simpson    
Geo. Sinclair      
Adam Smith Hanh C. Smith   Rebeca C. Smith
Andw Smith Hannah Smith    
Francis Smith Mary Smith    
Freeman Smith      
J. C. Smith      
Jerard Smith      
John Smith      
Thomas Smith      
Eliakim Squire      
Jacob Starky* [servant]      
  Leanah Stillwell   Leanah Stillwell
Josiah Stone      
Peter Stout Charity Stout Jonathan Stout Charity Stout
    Leah Stout John Stout
    Peter Stout  
    Susanh Stout  
Amos Strickland Mary Strickland Anne Strickland  
John Strickland   Hannah Strickland  
    Mary Strickland  
Michl Stump      
  Sylvia* [no last name, "Negro"]    
Wm Thomson      
Joseph Thorne Abigail Thorne Hester Thorne  
William Thorne   Martha Thorne  
Wm Tilton Elizabeth Tilton    
Joseph Tomlinson Margaret Tomlinson Lydia Tomlinson  
    Samuel Tomlinson  
Job Townsend      
James Tucker      
Daniel Vanclief      
    Abigail Valentine  
    Geo. Valentine  
    Philip Valentine  
Gideon Vernon Phoebe Vernon   George Vernon
      Gideon Vernon
      Jane Vernon
      Moses Vernon
Jacob Wallace      
Jonn Wallace      
Peter Waltman      
Jesse Walton      
Wm Ward      
Michl Wardell      
Samuel Watkins   Eliz. Watkins  
    John Watkins  
    Mary Watkins  
    Mihetabel Watkins  
    Morris Watkins  
Wm Webber      
Jonas Weed Hannah Weed   James Weet
James West      
Amos White Ann White Jonn White Amos White
Peleg White   Margery White Moses White
Wm White      
Josiah Whitney Sarah Whitney   Hannah Whitney
      John Whitney
      Josiah Whitney
      Moses Whitney
John Wilson* [servant]      
Josha Wilson      
Moses Winder      
Abner Woodward Deborah Woodward Constant Woodward Geo. Woodward
Anthy Woodward Keziah Woodward Valaria Woodward Hanh Woodward
Anthy Woodward jun      
Isaac Woodward      
Jacob Woodward      
Jiles Woodward      
Nimrod Woodward      
Elias Wright Ann Wright    

Signed Saml Fairlamb Agt
Nathl Loofborrow
John Mott

I do certify that the annexed named Men, Women and Childn are actually present and are by the Kings Instructions entitled to the Royal Bounty.

Saint Andrews 12th July 1784
(signed) Gillam Tailer
A. C.

*There was no breakdown for gender or age range for the 19 people listed under the heading of servants. I have sorted them by male or female according to their first names, and have assumed that all were men and women rather than children, but of course that might not be true of all of them.