From Library and Archives Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785

(M.G. 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 24, page 180) Microfilm C-9818

List of Men of the late K. O. Rangers at Passamaquoddy

[Men] Women Childn above 10
John Jordan Margaret Jordan Eliz. Jordan
Jacob Young Ritgal Young Michael Young
Saml Bulkman   John Young
    Christr Young
    Susan Young
    Ritgal Young
    Danl Jordan
    John Jordan

(Signed) John Young

I do certify that the above named Men, Women and Children are actually present and are by the Kings Instructions entitled to their proportion of the Kings Bounty.
Saint Andrews
21st July 1784
(Signed) Gillam Tailer
Asst Comy

Caren's note: This document, as noted at BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON LISTS OF EARLY SETTLERS, is a copy of an original that may no longer exist. I have transcribed it here as it appears in the copy that I have. However, I see two problems with it. First, the man who signed it does not himself appear on the list of men. Did he miss himself, or did the transcriber of this copy make a mistake in copying the signature, writing John Young instead of John Jordan or Jacob Young? Second, among the women and children are two named Ritgal Young. Ritgal is very clearly what appears on my copy, but as that is not a recognizable name, I am guessing that it was transcribed incorrectly in the version that I have. Donna Lanigan has provided me with the following information on the Young family, which indicates that Ritgal should actually be Rachel or Rachael:

'According to a book by Col. Melvin William Chase, USAR dated November 1996, Eight Generations of the Descendants of Jacob and Rachael (Ferguson) Young, the mother's name was not Ritgal but rather Rachael and a daughter's name was also Rachel. Jacob Young (Jung) was born in Ingoldsheim Alsace 24 Nov 1740 (Sgt. King's Orange Rangers) and married in Marblehead Massachusetts 4 Jan 1763 Rachael Ferguson bp. 28 July 1734 Marblehead. Children were probably born in Marblehead before moving to Broad Bay/Waldoboro Maine: Jacob b. 10 Sep 1763 (Not listed.  Probably still in Waldoboro as married there Feb 1785); Michael bp. 9 Mar 1766; John b. 22 Aug 1769; Susannah b. unk; Rachel b. 28 Oct 1771; Christopher b. abt 1774 (This is my direct ancestor). The family is said to have disassembled their house in Waldoboro and moved it by ship to Oak Bay, St. David, NB.  The book has a photo of "Oak Haven" from 1963. A record was found in Wiscasset, Maine of an inventory of the estate:  "Jacob Young, late of Waldoborough, an absentee, Prized at the value of 130 pounds for one hundred acres of land with buildings thereon, dated March 29, 1781".'