From Library and Archives Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785

(M.G. 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 24, pages 162-184) Microfilm C-9818

Master list of children under ten who appear on the various early settlers lists of 1784 in what is now Charlotte County, New Brunswick:


1) Roll of the Disbanded Men, Women and Children of the 74th Regt. present at St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, Nova Scotia, May 20th 1784.      (original)      (sorted)       (additional information)

2) List of Men, Women and Children of the late Royal Fencible American Regiment in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)      (sorted)

3) Roll of Men, Women and Children settled near the Falls of Scoodiac River in the Town of St Andrews Passamaquoddy, under the Direction of Capt. Nehemiah Marks - 11 June 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

4) Roll of Loyalists &ce settled at Belle Vue in Beaver Harbour - 10th July 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

5) Return of Men, Women and Children of the Penobscot Loyalists settled in the district of Passamaquoddy the 10th of June 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

6) Return of Men, Women and Children &ce at Etang 1st June 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

7) Return of Men, Women and Children's names with Lieut. Colonel Stewart settled in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)      (sorted)

8) List of Men of the late K. O. Rangers at Passamaquoddy.      (original)      

9) Muster Roll of a Party of the late Royal Garrison Battn Settled at Maggeegodavic River, Passamaquoddy Bay 10th May 1784.      (original)    

10) List of Men, Women and Children's Names Discharged from the 70th Regt and Settled in the District of Passamaquoddy 8th July 1784.      (original)

11) St Andrews 3d July 1784 Return of Men with Capt. Dawson settling at Passamaquoddy.      (original)

12) List of Men's names late of the 42d Regt and Nova Scotia Volunteers settled in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)

13) Brunswick Soldiers late of the Regiment of Specht Settling at Saint Andrews, Passamaquoddy.     (original)

14) Return of Men, Women and Children Loyalists Settled in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)

15) Return of Men's names, Loyalists, Settled with Ensign James McNabb on the River Maggeegodavic, Bay of Passamaquoddy.      (original)


Name of Child under Ten List on Which the Name Appears
Benjn Anderson Beaver Harbour
George Anderson Beaver Harbour
James Atkinson Royal Fencible American Regiment
Abigail Bailley Penobscot
Eliz. Bailley Penobscot
Josiah Bailley Penobscot
Wm Bairnsfair Nehemiah Marks
James Baldwin Penobscot
John Baldwin Penobscot
William Baldwin Penobscot
Paul Bampton Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mary Barber Nehemiah Marks
John Bean Penobscot
Fanny Beebee Beaver Harbour
James Beebee Beaver Harbour
Thomas Bell Penobscot
Wm Bennett Nehemiah Marks
Anna Blayer Royal Fencible American Regiment
John Bowler Penobscot
Mary Bowler Penobscot
Benjn Bradford Penobscot
Daniel Bradford Penobscot
Mary Bradford Penobscot
Abraham Brady Nehemiah Marks
Richard Brady Nehemiah Marks
Margt Brown Nehemiah Marks
Anne Browne Penobscot
Jane Browne Nehemiah Marks
Trefan Browne Penobscot
Charles Bullock Royal Fencible American Regiment
James Bullock Royal Fencible American Regiment
John Bullock Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mary Bullock Royal Fencible American Regiment
Robert Calder 74th Regiment
William Calder 74th Regiment
Young Calder 74th Regiment
John Cameron Penobscot
Nancy Cameron Penobscot
Alexr Campbell Penobscot
Colin Campbell Penobscot
Donald Campbell Penobscot
John Campbell Penobscot
John Campbell 74th Regiment
Susannah Campbell 74th Regiment
Jane Chayter Penobscot
John Chayter Penobscot
Thomas Chayter Penobscot
James Clarke 74th Regiment
Jannet Clarke 74th Regiment
Anna Collins Penobscot
James Collins Penobscot
Sarah Collins Penobscot
Wm Collins Penobscot
Mary Conden Royal Fencible American Regiment
Wm Cook Beaver Harbour
Betsey Cookson Penobscot
David Craig 74th Regiment
Jannet Craig 74th Regiment
Betsey Cummings Penobscot
John Cummings 74th Regiment
Leonard Cummings Penobscot
Rebecca Cummings Penobscot
Charlotte Davis Penobscot
Martha Davis Penobscot
Sophia Davis Penobscot
Henry Dennis Beaver Harbour
Mary Derrick Nehemiah Marks
Janny Dick 74th Regiment
John Dick 74th Regiment
Nancy Dikeman Beaver Harbour
Anne Dixon Nehemiah Marks
John Dobbie 74th Regiment
Eliz. Doherty Penobscot
Hannah Doherty Penobscot
Mary Doherty Penobscot
Moses Done Beaver Harbour
Mary Dunfield Royal Fencible American Regiment
Eliz. Dunsmore Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Eastman Penobscot
Polly Eastman Penobscot
Robert Eastman Penobscot
Josiah Eldridge Penobscot
John R. Fairlamb Beaver Harbour
Samuel Fairlamb Beaver Harbour
Nancy Fling Penobscot
Mary Fraser Nehemiah Marks
Abigail Greenlaw Penobscot
Ebenezer Greenlaw Penobscot
Eliz. Greenlaw Penobscot
Eunice Greenlaw Penobscot
Jane Greenlaw Penobscot
Joanna Greenlaw Penobscot
John Greenlaw Penobscot
John Greenlaw Penobscot
Rebecca Greenlaw Penobscot
Sarah Greenlaw Penobscot
William Greenlaw Penobscot
Wm Greenlaw 3d Penobscot
James Griffiths Beaver Harbour
John Griffiths Beaver Harbour
Thomas Grooner Nehemiah Marks
James Haley Penobscot
Mary Haley Penobscot
Eliz. Hall Penobscot
John Hall Penobscot
Robert Hamilton 70th Regt
Martha Hammond Penobscot
Patunel Hammond Penobscot
Zebedee Hammond Penobscot
Phebe Hand Beaver Harbour
Thomas Hannah Penobscot
Cathne Hayman Nehemiah Marks
John Hayman Nehemiah Marks
Elizabeth Hooper Royal Fencible American Regiment
Eliz. Horner Beaver Harbour
Isaac Horner Beaver Harbour
John Horner Beaver Harbour
Amos Hutchins Penobscot
G. A. Hutchins Penobscot
James Hutchins Penobscot
Mary Hutchins Penobscot
James [no last name, "Negro"] Penobscot
Abigail Joyce Penobscot
John Joyce Penobscot
Mary Joyce Penobscot
Sally Joyce Penobscot
Jane Kelly Royal Fencible American Regiment
Margt Kelly Penobscot
Saml Kelly Penobscot
John Kenney Penobscot
Sarah Kenney Penobscot
Christr King Beaver Harbour
Wm Lein Nehemiah Marks
Charles Lilly Penobscot
Lydia Lilly Penobscot
Anna Limeburner Penobscot
Betsey Limeburner Penobscot
James Limeburner Penobscot
Jenny Limeburner Penobscot
John Limeburner Penobscot
Mary Limeburner Penobscot
Mary Limeburner Penobscot
Peter Limeburner Penobscot
Thomas Limeburner Penobscot
Mary Lindsay 74th Regiment
Peggy Lindsay 74th Regiment
Jennet Linniken Penobscot
Martha Linniken Penobscot
Sarah Linniken Penobscot
Mary Little Beaver Harbour
Patty Little Beaver Harbour
Andw Lloyd Royal Fencible American Regiment
Nancy Lloyd Royal Fencible American Regiment
William Lloyd Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mary Long Royal Fencible American Regiment
Thomas Lovely Royal Fencible American Regiment
Geo. Lowell Penobscot
Nancy Lowell Penobscot
Saml Lumsdall Beaver Harbour
Stephen Lumsdall Beaver Harbour
Henry Maden Royal Fencible American Regiment
Finley Malcolm Penobscot
John Malcolm Penobscot
Jesse Malony Penobscot
Joseph Malony Penobscot
Avis Mathews Penobscot
Charlotte Mathews Penobscot
George Mathews Penobscot
Walter Mathews Penobscot
Anne Mawby Nehemiah Marks
Sarah Mawby Nehemiah Marks
Fredk Maybee Beaver Harbour
Mary Maybee Beaver Harbour
Sarah Maybee Beaver Harbour
Simon Maybee Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Mayher Penobscot
Arthur McCallum 74th Regiment
Annie McColl 74th Regiment
David McCorquodale 74th Regiment
Mary McCorquodale 74th Regiment
Neil McCurdy Penobscot
Polly McCurdy Penobscot
Polly McCurdy Penobscot
Ruth McCurdy Penobscot
Sila McDonald Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Anne McDougal Royal Garrison Battn
Cathne McDougald 74th Regiment
Jannet McDougald 74th Regiment
Eliz. McFarlane 74th Regiment
John McFarlane 74th Regiment
Robert McFarlane Penobscot
Catharine McIntosh Penobscot
Danl McIntosh Penobscot
Elizabth McLean Beaver Harbour
Murdoch McLean 74th Regiment
Peggy McLean 74th Regiment
Peggy McLean 74th Regiment
Donald McLellan 74th Regiment
John McLellan 74th Regiment
Mary McMillan Penobscot
Nancy McPhail 74th Regiment
Nebby McPhail 74th Regiment
Peggy McPhail 74th Regiment
Eliz. McPherson Nehemiah Marks
Jude McRe Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Thomas Meyher Penobscot
James Miller Beaver Harbour
Charlotte Milliken Penobscot
Dominicus Milliken Penobscot
Joanna Milliken Penobscot
Rebecca Milliken Penobscot
John Mitchel Nehemiah Marks
Joseph Nash Royal Fencible American Regiment
Martha Nash Beaver Harbour
Mary Nash Royal Fencible American Regiment
Nancy Nash Royal Fencible American Regiment
Robert Nason Penobscot
Neptune [no last name, "Negro"] Penobscot
Joanna Nickerson Penobscot
Ephraim Parker Beaver Harbour
Nathl Parker Beaver Harbour
Margt Paul Beaver Harbour
Moses Paul Beaver Harbour
Moses Paul Beaver Harbour
Henry Perry Penobscot
Samuel Perry Penobscot
Phoebe Post Nehemiah Marks
Sush Post Nehemiah Marks
John Price Beaver Harbour
Mary Price Beaver Harbour
Ruth Price Beaver Harbour
Rebecca Rankin Beaver Harbour
Duncan Ray Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Mary Ray Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Eliz. Rigby Penobscot
Susannah Rigby Penobscot
Abigail Roax Penobscot
Elinor Roax Penobscot
Hannah Roax Penobscot
James Roax Penobscot
Margt Roax Penobscot
Susannh Roax Penobscot
Timothy Roax Penobscot
William Roax Penobscot
Fanny Rooke Beaver Harbour
Geo. Rooke Beaver Harbour
Molly Russell Beaver Harbour
Nebby Scott 74th Regiment
Charles Shaw Royal Fencible American Regiment
Abraham Siminton Penobscot
John Siminton Penobscot
Richard Simmonds Penobscot
Sarah Simmonds Penobscot
William Simmonds Penobscot
Murray Smith 74th Regiment
Nancy Smith Penobscot
Rebeca C. Smith Beaver Harbour
Richd Smy Loyalists
Thos Smy Loyalists
John Sowers Penobscot
Sarah Sowers Penobscot
Esther Stewart Penobscot
Frank Stewart Lieut. Colonel Stewart
John Stewart Penobscot
Polly Stewart Penobscot
Polly Stewart Penobscot
Charlotte Stilkey Penobscot
Leanah Stillwell Beaver Harbour
Wm Stinson Penobscot
Mary Stone Royal Fencible American Regiment
Charity Stout Beaver Harbour
John Stout Beaver Harbour
Sally Swain Penobscot
Wm Swain Penobscot
Jane Thornton Penobscot
Leach Thornton Penobscot
Mary Thornton Penobscot
John Tippett Penobscot
Sarah Tomkin Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Towers Penobscot
Daniel Trott Penobscot
Josiah Trott Penobscot
Mary Trott Penobscot
Samuel Trott Penobscot
Saml Trott Penobscot
Susannah Trott Penobscot
Mary Turner Penobscot
Richd Turner Penobscot
George Vernon Beaver Harbour
Gideon Vernon Beaver Harbour
Jane Vernon Beaver Harbour
Moses Vernon Beaver Harbour
William Vial Penobscot
Robert Webb Nehemiah Marks
James Weet Beaver Harbour
Elizabeth Welsh Royal Fencible American Regiment
Francis Welsh Penobscot
John Welsh Penobscot
Amos White Beaver Harbour
Moses White Beaver Harbour
Hannah Whitney Beaver Harbour
John Whitney Beaver Harbour
Josiah Whitney Beaver Harbour
Moses Whitney Beaver Harbour
Geo. Woodward Beaver Harbour
Hanh Woodward Beaver Harbour
Jeremh P. Wyer Penobscot
Joanna Wyer Penobscot
Thomas Wyer Penobscot