From Library and Archives Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785

(M.G. 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 24, pages 162-184) Microfilm C-9818

Master list of women who appear on the various early settlers lists of 1784 in what is now Charlotte County, New Brunswick:

1) Roll of the Disbanded Men, Women and Children of the 74th Regt. present at St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, Nova Scotia, May 20th 1784.      (original)      (sorted)       (additional information)

2) List of Men, Women and Children of the late Royal Fencible American Regiment in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)      (sorted)

3) Roll of Men, Women and Children settled near the Falls of Scoodiac River in the Town of St Andrews Passamaquoddy, under the Direction of Capt. Nehemiah Marks - 11 June 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

4) Roll of Loyalists &ce settled at Belle Vue in Beaver Harbour - 10th July 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

5) Return of Men, Women and Children of the Penobscot Loyalists settled in the district of Passamaquoddy the 10th of June 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

6) Return of Men, Women and Children &ce at Etang 1st June 1784.      (original)      (sorted)

7) Return of Men, Women and Children's names with Lieut. Colonel Stewart settled in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)      (sorted)

8) List of Men of the late K. O. Rangers at Passamaquoddy.      (original)      

9) Muster Roll of a Party of the late Royal Garrison Battn Settled at Maggeegodavic River, Passamaquoddy Bay 10th May 1784.      (original)      

10) List of Men, Women and Children's Names Discharged from the 70th Regt and Settled in the District of Passamaquoddy 8th July 1784.      (original)

11) St Andrews 3d July 1784 Return of Men with Capt. Dawson settling at Passamaquoddy.      (original)

12) List of Men's names late of the 42d Regt and Nova Scotia Volunteers settled in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)

13) Brunswick Soldiers late of the Regiment of Specht Settling at Saint Andrews, Passamaquoddy.     (original)

14) Return of Men, Women and Children Loyalists Settled in the District of Passamaquoddy.      (original)

15) Return of Men's names, Loyalists, Settled with Ensign James McNabb on the River Maggeegodavic, Bay of Passamaquoddy.      (original)


Name of Woman List on Which the Name Appears
Amy Ash ["Negro"] Beaver Harbour
Keturah Babe Beaver Harbour
Mary Bailly Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mrs Bailly Royal Fencible American Regiment
Martha Baily Penobscot
Eliz. Bairnsfair Nehemiah Marks
Dolly Baker [servant] Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Baldwin Penobscot
Elinor Bampton Royal Fencible American Regiment
Isabel Barber Nehemiah Marks
Anne Barkley Nehemiah Marks
Zurh Barrett Beaver Harbour
Sally Bean Penobscot
Eliz. Bell Penobscot
Rachel Bennett Nehemiah Marks
Betty [no last name, "Negro"] Beaver Harbour
Anne Blayer Royal Fencible American Regiment
Isabel Boice Penobscot
Jane Bottom 70th Regt
Mary Bowler Penobscot
Millity Bradford Penobscot
Jean Bradley ["Servt"] Royal Garrison Battn
Mary Brady Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Brannon Beaver Harbour
Jane Brown Nehemiah Marks
Abigail Browne Penobscot
Eliz. Browne Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Bullock Royal Fencible American Regiment
Sophia Burkstaff Royal Fencible American Regiment
Luthey Butler Beaver Harbour
Agnus Calder 74th Regiment
Dorothy Calf Penobscot
Margt Callaghan Penobscot
Grace Campbell Penobscot
Margt Campbell 74th Regiment
Margt Campbell 74th Regiment
Rachel Campbell 74th Regiment
Susanh Campbell Penobscot
Margt Carlow Penobscot
Rachel Carrick 74th Regiment
Mary Chaytor Penobscot
Peggy Clarke 74th Regiment
Elinor Conden Royal Fencible American Regiment
Sarah Connell Beaver Harbour
Marian Cook Beaver Harbour
Molly Craig 74th Regiment
Margt Cummings 74th Regiment
Hannah Cummins Penobscot
Mihatable Daily Penobscot
Eliz. Daniels Royal Fencible American Regiment
Hester Davis Beaver Harbour
Honor Davis Penobscot
Martha Dennis Beaver Harbour
Hannah Derrick Nehemiah Marks
Margt Devereaux Nehemiah Marks
Jannet Dick 74th Regiment
Jane Dikeman Beaver Harbour
Mary Dixon Nehemiah Marks
Rachel Dobbie 74th Regiment
Mary Dobbins Nehemiah Marks
Mary Dodd Nehemiah Marks
Mary Dogharty Penobscot
Rachel Done Beaver Harbour
Bridget Doty Penobscot
Lettice Dowling Penobscot
Hannah Dunbar Nehemiah Marks
Lydia Dunfield Royal Fencible American Regiment
Margt Dunn Beaver Harbour
Mary Dunn Beaver Harbour
Rebecca Dunn Beaver Harbour
Polly Eastman Penobscot
Rebecca Eldridge Penobscot
Susannah Ellis Nehemiah Marks
Hannah Fairlamb Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Farrell Royal Fencible American Regiment
Martha Farren Nehemiah Marks
Margt Farrington [servant] Beaver Harbour
Mary Fergusone 74th Regiment
Eliz. Fisher Penobscot
Hannah Fling Penobscot
Mary Fling Royal Fencible American Regiment
Unice Florida Penobscot
Eliz. Ford Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Fraser Nehemiah Marks
Susannh Gallop Penobscot
Abigail Gammond Penobscot
Hannah Gibson Beaver Harbour
Barbara Gilner Nehemiah Marks
Anne Grace Nehemiah Marks
Martha Graham Nehemiah Marks
Nancy Green ["a servt"] Penobscot
Eliz. Greenlaw Penobscot
Eunice Greenlaw Penobscot
Hannah Greenlaw Penobscot
Rebecca Greenlaw Penobscot
Rebecca Griffiths Beaver Harbour
Lydia Groomer Nehemiah Marks
Susannah Grover Penobscot
Sarah Guyon Beaver Harbour
Helina Haines Nehemiah Marks
Sarah Haley Penobscot
Eliz. Hall Penobscot
Mary Hamilton 70th Regt
Sarah Hamilton Royal Fencible American Regiment
Eliz. Hammond Royal Fencible American Regiment
Martha Hammond Penobscot
Hester Hand Beaver Harbour
Mercy Hannah Penobscot
Eliz. Harvey Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mary Hatt Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mary Hatton Royal Fencible American Regiment
Hannah Hawkins Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mary Hayman Nehemiah Marks
Isabel Henderson 74th Regiment
Mary Henly Penobscot
Mary Hitchins Penobscot
Abigail Hooper Royal Fencible American Regiment
Lydia Horner Beaver Harbour
Anna Hurly Royal Fencible American Regiment
Susannah Irving 74th Regiment
Anne Johns Nehemiah Marks
Lucy Johnston ["Negro"] Beaver Harbour
Ruth Jones Penobscot
Margaret Jordan K. O. Rangers
Ann Jowers Penobscot
Mary Joyce Penobscot
Ann Judd Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Just Nehemiah Marks
Joannah Kelly Royal Fencible American Regiment
Martha Kelly Penobscot
Mary Kenny Penobscot
Joshua King [listed under Women] Beaver Harbour
Sarah Knight Beaver Harbour
Uphamia Knight Beaver Harbour
Sarah Lantz Royal Fencible American Regiment
Anne Lein Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Lilly Penobscot
Margt Limeburner Penobscot
Margt Limeburner Penobscot
Olive Limeburner Penobscot
Peggy Lindsay 74th Regiment
Sush Liniken Penobscot
Eliz. Linklighter Penobscot
Martha Little Beaver Harbour
Fanny Lloyd Royal Fencible American Regiment
Elizabeth Long Royal Fencible American Regiment
Sarah Long Penobscot
Elizabeth Looby Royal Fencible American Regiment
Margt Loorborough Beaver Harbour
Sarah Lovely Royal Fencible American Regiment
Eliz. Lumsdale Beaver Harbour
Ebby Lyle Nehemiah Marks
Jane Maden Royal Fencible American Regiment
Traphena Malcolm Penobscot
Mary Malony Penobscot
Lettice Martin Penobscot
Margt Masters Royal Fencible American Regiment
Abigail Mathews Penobscot
Priscilla Mawby Nehemiah Marks
Lovina Maybee Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Mayher Penobscot
Anna McAnnella Royal Fencible American Regiment
Isable McBean Nehemiah Marks
Cathane McCallum 74th Regiment
Susannah McColl 74th Regiment
Mary McCorquodale 74th Regiment
Anne McCraw Nehemiah Marks
Ann McCurdy Penobscot
Ruth McCurdy Penobscot
Cathne McDonald Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Lucy McDonald Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Margaret McDonald ["N. S. Volrs"] 42d Regt and Nova Scotia Volunteers
Mary McDonald 74th Regiment
Mary McDugald 74th Regiment
Charity McFarlane 74th Regiment
Eliz. McFarlane 74th Regiment
Jean McFarlane 74th Regiment
Catharine McIntosh Penobscot
Susannh McKay Royal Fencible American Regiment
Peggy McLean 74th Regiment
Susannah McLean 74th Regiment
Cathne McLellan 74th Regiment
Cathne McLeod Penobscot
Cathne McLeod Ensign James McNabb
Eliz. McMullen Nehemiah Marks
Abigail McPhail 74th Regiment
Eliz. McPherson Nehemiah Marks
Flory McRe Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Rose McRe Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Margt McVail (McPhail?) 74th Regiment
Holiday McVicar 74th Regiment
Phoebe Milliken Penobscot
Jannet Mitchel Nehemiah Marks
Abigail Mott Beaver Harbour
Margaret Murchie Nehemiah Marks
Martha Nash Beaver Harbour
Sarah Nash Royal Fencible American Regiment
Mary Nason Penobscot
Hulda Nickerson Penobscot
Memmie Noble Nehemiah Marks
Meriam Pagan Penobscot
Anne Parker Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Parker Beaver Harbour
Anne Patton Nehemiah Marks
Mary Patton Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Paul Beaver Harbour
Prisscilla Paul Beaver Harbour
Sally Perry Penobscot
Mary Piercy Penobscot
Rachl Pine Nehemiah Marks
Hannah Pomeroy Penobscot
Nancy Pomeroy Penobscot
Ruth Post Nehemiah Marks
Susannah Post Nehemiah Marks
Eliz. Pote Penobscot
Avis Prebble Penobscot
Anne Price Beaver Harbour
Selby Profit [servant] Nehemiah Marks
Abigail Rankin Beaver Harbour
Mary Ray Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Hanh Real Penobscot
Olive Redhead Penobscot
Mary Reilly Royal Fencible American Regiment
Nancy Rigby Penobscot
Eliz. Rikeman Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Rikeman 2d Beaver Harbour
Martha Roake Beaver Harbour
Sarah Roax Penobscot
Lydia Robinson Nehemiah Marks
Anne Rogers [servant] Beaver Harbour
Barbara Ross Penobscot
Margt Ross Penobscot
Mary Ross Royal Fencible American Regiment
Sarah Ross Nehemiah Marks
Simthy Rundell Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Russell Beaver Harbour
Lydia Russell Penobscot
Martha Russell Beaver Harbour
Esther Ryan Penobscot
Sheilah Ryan Royal Fencible American Regiment
Hannah Sanger Beaver Harbour
Holiday Scott 74th Regiment
Mary Shaw Royal Fencible American Regiment
Margt Shea Royal Fencible American Regiment
Ann Siminton Penobscot
Sarah Simmonds Penobscot
Sarah Simpson Beaver Harbour
Hannah Smith Beaver Harbour
Hanh C. Smith Beaver Harbour
Jane Smith 74th Regiment
Jean Smith Capt. Dawson
Mary Smith Beaver Harbour
Nancy Smith Penobscot
Sarah Smith [servant] Nehemiah Marks
Catharine Smy Loyalists
Mary Sowers Penobscot
Catharine Stewart 74th Regiment
Cathne Stewart 74th Regiment
Dinah Stewart Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Eliz. Stewart Penobscot
Hannah Stewart Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Jenny Stewart Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Mary Stewart Penobscot
Phoebe Stewart Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Sue Stewart Lieut. Colonel Stewart
Temperance Stewart Penobscot
Lucy Stilkey Penobscot
Leanah Stillwell Beaver Harbour
Margt Stinson Penobscot
Mary Stone Royal Fencible American Regiment
Charity Stout Beaver Harbour
Mary Strickland Beaver Harbour
Mariam Swain Penobscot
Sylvia [no last name, "Negro"] Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Taylor Penobscot
Experience Thompson Penobscot
Abigail Thorne Beaver Harbour
Mary Thornton Penobscot
Elizabeth Tilton Beaver Harbour
Deborah Tippett Penobscot
Eliz. Tomkins Nehemiah Marks
Margaret Tomlinson Beaver Harbour
Catharine Traverse Royal Fencible American Regiment
Margaret Troak Royal Fencible American Regiment
Prudence Trott Penobscot
Sarah Trott Penobscot
Susannah Trott Penobscot
Eliz. Turner Penobscot
Lucy Turner Penobscot
Nelly Turner Penobscot
Nelly Turner Penobscot
Rebecca Veal Penobscot
Phoebe Vernon Beaver Harbour
Catharine Ward Royal Fencible American Regiment
Susannah Webb Nehemiah Marks
Hannah Weed Beaver Harbour
Eliz. Welsh Royal Fencible American Regiment
Sarah Welsh Penobscot
Ann White Beaver Harbour
Sarah Whitney Beaver Harbour
Mary Wilson Nehemiah Marks
Deborah Woodward Beaver Harbour
Keziah Woodward Beaver Harbour
Ann Wright Beaver Harbour
Mary Wyer Penobscot
Susanh Wyley Nehemiah Marks
Ritgal Young K. O. Rangers