From Library and Archives Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785

(M.G. 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 24, pages 166-168) Microfilm C-9818

The list below has been sorted in alphabetical order by surname, in order to isolate possible family groups.

Roll of Men, Women and Children settled near the Falls of Scoodiac River in the Town of St Andrews Passamaquoddy, under the Direction of Capt. Nehemiah Marks 11 June 1784

[Men] Women Childn 10 years old Childn undr 10 years
Andw Arnold      
Wm Bairnsfair Eliz. Bairnsfair   Wm Bairnsfair
Prince Baker* [servant] Dolly Baker* [servant]    
James Banks      
John Barber Isabel Barber   Mary Barber
John Barclay Anne Barkley    
  Rachel Bennett   Wm Bennett
Joseph Betson      
Richard Brady Mary Brady   Richard Brady
      Abraham Brady
Noah Brown Jane Brown   Margt Brown
Christopher Browne Eliz. Browne   Jane Browne
John Browne      
Donald Campbell      
Duncan Campbell      
William Campbell      
Hugh Chisholme      
John Colville      
Robt Conners      
Donald Cormick      
John Cowin      
Charles Darby      
Thomas Dayes      
Christopher Derrick Hannah Derrick   Mary Derrick
  Margt Devereaux    
John Dixon Mary Dixon Andw Dixon Anne Dixon
Alexr Dobbins Mary Dobbins    
Robert Dobie      
Thomas Dodd Mary Dodd    
Peter Doran* [servant]      
Geo. Dunbar Hannah Dunbar    
    John Dunsmore Eliz. Dunsmore
Hugh Ellis Susannah Ellis    
Peter Ellwood      
James Farren Martha Farren    
Peter Ferdinand      
    Alexr Fish  
Josiah Fowler      
John Fraser Eliz. Fraser   Mary Fraser
William Fraser 1st      
Wm Fraser 2d      
Wm George      
Edwd Gilner Barbara Gilner    
Thomas Grace Anne Grace    
William Grant      
  Martha Graham    
Thomas Groomer Lydia Groomer   Thomas Grooner
  Helina Haines    
    Christr Harding  
John Hastie      
Martin Hayman Mary Hayman   Cathne Hayman
      John Hayman
William Holmes      
Thomas Hustin      
William Jackson      
  Anne Johns    
George Johnston      
  Eliz. Just    
William Kelly      
Alexr Kennedy      
Allan Kennedy      
William Kennedy      
Daniel Lafertie      
James Lein Anne Lein James Lein Wm Lein
James Lowrie      
John Lyle Ebby Lyle    
Nehemiah Marks      
Robt Martin      
Silas Mawby Priscilla Mawby Eliz. Mawby Anne Mawby
      Sarah Mawby
James Maxwell      
David McAllen      
Alexr McBean Isable McBean Margt McBean  
Neill McBean      
Hugh McCarty      
William McClusky      
Donald McCormick      
John McCraw Anne McCraw    
Ken. McCraw      
Alexr McDonald      
John McGier      
William McGier      
Lachlin McKachnie      
John McLachlin      
Wm McLennon      
James McMullen Eliz. McMullen    
Evan McPherson Eliz. McPherson   Eliz. McPherson
Martin Merrigan      
Thomas Mitchell Jannet Mitchel   John Mitchel
Wm Murchie Margaret Murchie Andw Murchie  
Wm Nesbitt      
John Noble Memmie Noble    
Samuel Osborne      
Thomas Patterson      
William Patton Mary Patton Cathne Patton  
  Anne Patton Margt Patton  
Abraham Pine Rachl Pine    
Ichabod Pine      
David Post Ruth Post Sush Post Phoebe Post
Dennis Post Susannah Post   Sush Post
Miles Post      
Daniel Profit* [servant] Selby Profit* [servant]    
Jeffrey Robinson* [servant]      
John Robinson Lydia Robinson    
William Rose      
John Ross Sarah Ross    
John Ryan      
Maurice Salts      
Peter Sampson* [servant]      
Michael Simpson      
William Skelton      
Francis Smith* [servant] Sarah Smith* [servant] Lemon Smith* [servant]  
James Smith      
William Stevenson      
George Surbitt      
Francis Tipping      
Thomas Tomkins Eliz. Tomkins John Tomkins Sarah Tomkin
John Wall      
James Waller      
John Waterstone      
James Watt      
  Susannah Webb Phoebe Webb Robert Webb
    Wm Webb  
Geo. Wiley Susanh Wyley Jane Wyley  
Thos Wilson Mary Wilson    
Mathw Wingood      

(Signed) Nehemiah Marks Agt
Richard Brady
John Robinson

I certify that the annexed named Men, Women & Children are actually present and are by the Kings Instructions entitled to their proportion of the Royal Bounty.

Saint Andrews 14th June 1784
(signed) Gillam Tailer
A. C.

*A summary at the end of the list notes that there were 6 Men Servants, 3 Womn Servants, and 1 Servant 10 years old, and I have assumed here that the first six listed were men, the next three women, and the last one the child over 10.