Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
RS108 Land Petitions: Original Series 1783-1918
Microfilm F1027

His Excellency Thomas Carleton Esqr Captain General and Governor of His Majesty's Province of New Brunswick and Territorys thereon depending Chancellor and Vice Admiral of the same &c., &c., &c.

The Memorial of Alexr MacNiven & Peter McCallum in behalf of themselves and the Disbanded non Commissioned officers and Soldiers of the Late 74th Regiment Respectfully Sheweth

That the Lands called Indian Lands which was promised your Memorialists was Surveyed by John Jones Deputy Surveyor, which amounted to Four thousand Three Hundred and fifty acres, besides about Two hundred acres he reserved for the Indians in the best of the front & best fishing place.

On the Twenty Sixth Instant those of your Excellency's Memorialists who have not formerly drawn any part of their Land, assembled at Mr Jones the Surveyors Quarters by his desire in order to draw for their Lands But to our unexpected Surprise found that the Lands was divided into three Lotts, The one for Lieut Col Stewart and associates and the other Two for your Excellency's Memorialists who in Consideration of having their Prayers respecting their Lands recommended to your Excellency by Governor Parr were conscious they Encroached upon their Prior Claim therefore protested against the measure adopted by said Surveyor and association Untill your Excellency's pleasure is known - But after the dispersion of your Memorialists the said association drew for the third Lott of said Lands amongst themselves.

That your Excellency's Memorialists allowing they had all the Indian Lands are deficient of about Eleven Thousand Two Hundred acres Have therefore in View a Tract of Land near Oak Point Bay which Land has been ordered to be surveyed to a number of persons who are now and have been during the whole Course of the war within the Rebel States that the Said persons have not complied with the Conditions on which the Survey was to have been made & as Mr Boddle the Surveyor who was to have Surveyed the Lands & who is now here, declares he has not Surveyed it for them, We flatter ourselves that we are Intitled to a Choice of Land Prior to people circumstanced as they are - And your Memorialists therefore Humbly request your Excellency to consider their oppressive Situation and be pleased to give such Instructions respecting this, they may not be any longer at a loss as also the places mentioned in Their former Memorials, as to your Judgment may seem meet -And your Memorialists &c., &c.

Parr Town 31st January 1785

Alexr MacNiven
Peter McCallum