Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
RS108 Land Petitions: Original Series 1783-1918
Microfilm F1027

    St Andrews 27th Jany 1785

Be it Known to all men that we the subscribers hereof being informed by the Deputy surveyor Mr Jones when he came last from St Johns that he had Instructions to divide the Lands on Schudaig River called the Indians Lands amongst us, non Commissioned officers & soldiers of the 74th Regiment & some of us accompanied him to the said Lands & afterwards returned to this place where we assembled at Mr Jones' desire on the Twenty sixth Inst to draw for the Lands, when to our great surprise We were informed by Mr Jones that the Lands were in three Lotts & that Colonel Stewart's association, Major Anstruther & others were to have proportions. We therefore & in consideration of having a promise of the whole of the Indian Lands that was to be located for the Regiment's use as aforesaid from the Governor declined abideing by any such Distributions as proposed by the Deputy surveyor, and do in the name of all the non Commissioned officers and soldiers who have any Concern therein as well as for all & each of us, Solemnly protest against every step used by Mr Jones & others in the proportioning or Drawing for any shares of the whole or any part of said lands till His Excellency's pleasure is Known.
In witness thereof we subscribe our names

Peter McCallum
Alexr MacNiven
John Campbell