Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
RS108 Land Petitions: Original Series 1783-1918
Microfilm F1027

St Andrews 14th March 1785


As you are going to St. Johns we beg the favour that you would be pleased to act for us, the non commissioned officers & soldiers of the late 74th Regiment, as the lands formerly petitioned for by us, cannot be obtained, you'll be pleased to apply for Governor Masqureen's Grant if the same should be escheated, & for the residue in as Contigious a place as possible, But if in case the said Grant should not be escheated, We are in hopes, Sir, that you will represent our case, & upon examining the different returns of survey for this Bay, will obtain such vacant Lands as you may judge most convenient, along with the four thousand three Hundred acres which is laid out on Digdeguash River. Also we would wish to have the Governor reminded of the arrears of provisions which is due us agreeable to the Commissary's Certificates which we left in the secretarys office, besides we are told that the provisions which was issued to us on board of the Transport coming to Passmaquaddy is to be returned as part of the first year's full provisions, therefore we would be glade, Sir, that you would enquire into the same & Know whether it is just or not, Inclosed is a receipt for the secretary's letter to surveyor Jones which you'll please deliver to the secretary, Sir

Your most Obedt &
most Humble Servts
Alexr MacNiven
Peter McCallum

Majr Wm Anstruther
St Andrews