Other Secord signatures

1) John Secord petitioned for land in 1785.

2) John Seacord petitioned for land again in 1788. The signatures are vastly different, but see William Secord signatures for evidence that this is the same man.

3) A page of a land petition involving Thomas Corey was signed by several Secords in 1823. The location given was Wickham Parish, Queens County. Here are the signatures:

John and Samuel are apparently sons of Elias. It's not clear whether the signature of Elias Secord belongs to the elder or the younger Elias, but it may well be the elder's. See Elias Secord signatures.

4) Gilead Secord's will, dated 1856, has been copied into the probate books for Kings County. As such, the signatures on it are not original: