Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
RS 108 Land Petitions: Original Series 1783-1918
Petition of William Secord and others, Kings County, 1810, PANB microfilm F4174

To the Honorable Martin Hunter Esq'r President of His Majesty's Council and Commander in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick &ca &ca &ca

The Memorial of William Secord
                          William Secord Junr
                          William Frost
                          Jacob Fluelling
                          James Secord
                          Elijah Secord
                          William MacKay
                          William Frost Junr
                          Ezra Frost and
                          James Frost

Humbly Sheweth

That they are Inhabitants of King's County and have never received any Grant from Government excepting Willaim Frost Senr who has completely settled and improved the lot which he drew upon the Kennebeckasis.

That they are desirous of settling a tract of Land upon both sides of the Westmoreland Road, to the Southward and Eastward of Lands applied for by Joseph Baxter and others, partly adjoining the Patticake stream, they therefore humbly pray that your honour in Council will be pleased to allot to each of the first four who have families 400 acres in this situation, and to each of the others, who are single men but of sufficient age and ability 250 acres and as in duty bound will ever pray -

For the Memorialists

Wm Frost Junr
William Secord Junr  

2d Jany 1810 - the situation applied for in this Memol is Vacant, the applicants are very respectable people and likely to make good farms, they have recd no Lands from Government except Wm Frost a 200 acre lot.

Geo, Sproule

[on reverse]

William Secord and nine others
January 5th 1810

30th March 1810
The married men may have 300 acres and the single men 200 acs each.