Library and Archives Canada
Audit Office 12 and 13
MG 14, Bundle 15, pp. 586-587
Microfilm B-2188

Loyalist claim documents of William Secord

[Page 586]

left the contery April ye 4th 1777

An account of Loses by the Rebelion Belonging to William Secord formely of New york goverment from oringe Countey North amrica
Bot now at Sant Johns Nova Scotia. on account of his Loyelty to his Magesty and farm attachment to British Goverment an Constitution, and had no means to Recover these Loes & Destresses.

  New york Corncey
to farming grain Left in the ground 23..0..0
to housel goods lining Clothing 19..12..0
to 2 horses 25/ 3 Cows 1 hafer and a youk oxen 26 51..0..0
Sadel Boards Salde Canter(?) Parbocket(?) & tackling 14..0..0
in Small Debts 19..15..7
to Wheat & Flower 5..5..5
to money left for Hogs and fead for them 9..6..0

March ye 17th 1784

An account of The Losses Sustained By The Rebels Belonging to William Secord formerly of Keakett(?) in Oringe County and Province of New York North America Bot now of St Johns Nova Scotia on account of his Loyalty to his Majesty and firm atachment to Brittish Goverment and Constitution

Personal Esteate Viz

To Grain on the Ground and farming Utinsels with Wheat & flower 28..0..0
To Household and kitchen furniture and men & womans apperal 19..12..0
To 2 Horses Saddle Bridle & Slead & 35..0..0
To 1 Youk of oxen Cart & 18..0..0
To 3 Cows & 1 haffer 17..0..0
To Book Debts 29..0..0
Total in Corrincy 146..12..0

County of Sunbury
March ye 19th 1784

Personally Appeared the above Named William Secord and Took Solemn Oath That this acct is Strictly true According to the best of his Judgement and that the Losses he has Sustained in the Rebilion Amoants to the Sum of one hundred and forty Six Pound Twelve Shillings Y..C for his firm Attachment to British Goverment before me

Gers Say Justice of ye Peace

[Page 587]

Know all Men By These Presents That We William and Ellias Secord Black Smith Formerly of Keakett(?) in the County of Orange and Province of New york North america Bot now of St Johns Nova Scotia. Have constituted Nominated and appointed our Trusty Friend Capt Richard Vanderburgh of St Johns afoarsaid To Be our True and Laful Attorney for us and in our Name and Stead and To our use To Make all Such Application or applications as to him Shall Seem Expedient By any manner of way whatsoever by Memorial Petition or otherwise To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty or to Such Commission as as [sic] are or May Be appointed Sattle or Enquire in to the Losses Sustained By his Majestys Loval Subjects and to Aford Redress on Such Relifs Allowances or Payments or Compansations as we ought to Have or are intitled To on account or in Consequence of the Losses we have Sustained and the Destress to Which We are Reduced to on acount of our Loyalty to his Majesty and for our Attachment to Brittish goverment and Constitution and To Take all Lafull Wayes and means to obtain the Same and Upon any Payment To him made, Sufficant Deschargs for us and in our Name to make Seal and Deliver and one or more attorneys under Him for the Purposes aforesaid To make and Constitute and again at Pleasuer To Revok Ratfy alow Conferm all and Whatsoever - our Said attorney Shall lafuly Do [several illegible words] By Vertue hereof in Witness Wherof we have herunto Set our hand and Seals This [blank] Day of [blank] Annoq Domini 1784

Signed Seald and Delivered in Presence of                                                              William Secord
Jacob Loden                                                                                                           Elias Secord
Thomas North
County of Sunbury
March ye 19th 1784
Personally appeared the above Named William Secord and Elias Secord and Acknowledged this Instrument to be thar Own free Act and Deed Before me
Gers Say Justice of ye Peace

Here is the signature section of the above document. It's clear that these are not original signatures, and in fact this document must be a transcription of the original, as the wax seals are drawn on and the signatures appear to be in the same hand.


Here is a sample of the first document above. See William Secord's signatures for evidence that this may have been written by William himself.