Saint Croix Courier, Saint Stephen, NB
July 11, 1878

OBITUARY - It is our sad duty to record today the death of an old and valued friend in the person of the late Edward Seelye, Esq., of St. George, which occurred on Sunday, 30th ult., after an illness of four weeks. He was the son of the late Stuart Seelye, one of the Loyalists who landed in St. John on May 18th, 1783. He was born in St. George, July 12th, 1798, and at the time of his death had nearly completed his 80th year. In 1825 he married the daughter of the late Duncan McFarlin, who served in the Revolutionary war under the British. She is a sister of Samuel McFarlin, Rolling Dam, and survives her late husband at the advanced age of 80 years and some months. Of a family of eight children one only remains, Mr. A. J. Seelye of St. George. At one time the late Mr. Seelye did a large and prosperous business in lumbering. In politics he always took an active part and a firm stand. He was a staunch member of the old Liberal party and was through all the excitement of the contest for Responsible Government. On all subjects he held decided views and these were always the outcome of honest conviction. Contributions from his pen over a nom de plume on subjects of public interest during the past twelve years have frequently appeared in the Courier and his remarks were always plain, terse and direct. He loved his native country and rejoiced in its prosperity. He was a man of high character, undoubted integrity and great personal worth. At the time of his death he had been a member of the Baptist Church in good standing for about 55 years, and he died as he had lived, trusting in "the Rock of Ages."