Catherine Cottier Bate of Liverpool, England

Catherine Cottier Bate was baptized on Oct. 13, 1822 at the church of St. Peter in Church Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Her parents were William and Catherine (Cottier) Bate. Her younger sister, Rebecca (Bate) Buck, was my great-great-grandmother. Catherine does not appear with her family in the 1841 England census. See William and Catherine (Cottier) Bate for more information. She must have died young as her parents had another daughter named Catherine baptized on Nov. 20, 1831.

The family was living in Liverpool during all of this time period. I have not been able to find a death record for Catherine on the LDS website, or the Ancestry website, or the Lancashire Online Parish Clerks website at http://frontierinfo.com/LAN-OPC/Liverpool/. There is, however, a burial record for a Catherine "Beat" on the latter two sites. The Ancestry website shows the original record. Her burial record appears in the registers of St. Peter's. She was buried on Dec. 7, 1823 and was 15 months old at the time of death. That works out to a birth in about September 1822. As Catherine Cottier Bate was baptized in mid-October 1822, that seems like a good fit. The record does not give the names of her parents or the cause of death, but it does say that her "abode" was Croston St.

I know from the church records where this family was living at the time of the baptisms of each of their eight children:

1) May 9, 1819 – Ainsdell St.

2) Dec. 6, 1821– Ainsdell St.

3) Oct. 13, 1822 – Ainsdell St.

4) Nov. 13, 1825 – Ainsdell St.

5) Sep. 24, 1826 – Croston St.

6) Nov. 20, 1831 – Croston St.

7) Nov. 16, 1834 –Upper Mann St.

8) Jun. 22, 1842 – [Brick?] St.

At the time of the 1841 census, they were living on Ashton St. As they moved around a fair amount, it seems likely that they were renting. It seems possible that they were living on Ainsdell St. for the baptism of the first Catherine in October 1822, then moved to Croston St. by the time she died in December 1823, and then back to Ainsdell St. by November 1825 when the next child was baptized. As I can't find a record under Catherine Bate and the burial records seem to be reasonably complete, I think that Catherine "Beat" is probably Catherine Cottier Bate.