Glimpses of the Past


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The "Glimpses of the Past" series of newspaper articles appeared in early 1890s in the Saint Croix Courier, a newspaper published weekly in St. Stephen, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. The editor of the Saint Croix Courier has given me permission to post them here.

Saint Croix Courier
47 Milltown Blvd.
St. Stephen, New Brunswick
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The introduction to the series appeared in the Jan. 7, 1892 issue:


Under the title of 'Glimpses of the Past,' we shall begin next week our series of articles on the history of Charlotte county and the border towns. Each article, with the exception of those written by members of the Courier staff, will bear the name or initials of the writer. The plan of the series includes the following subjects:-

Prehistoric monuments.
A village of the Stone Age at Bocabec-Reprinted from a paper by G. F. Matthew, F.R.S.C, (by permission).
The Wabanaki.
Indian legends-From Leland's works, (by permission of the publishers,) and unpublished MSS.
The story of Glooskap.
The wampum record of the Great Peace.
Champlain's narrative of De Monts' expedition, with notes by W. F. Ganong, M. A.
Church's account of the harrying of the French, with notes by W. F. Ganong, M. A.
Early English settlers.-From Kilby's 'Eastport,' and Lorimer's 'Islands,' (by permission of the authors,) and from other sources.
Treaties between English and Passamaquoddies-Original MSS.
Early Maps-W. F. Ganong, M. A.
Geograpical names-W. F. Ganong, M. A.
The Loyalist idea-Rev. W. O. Raymond, M. A.
Loyalist settlers-Original records and oral traditions, (many of the MSS. hitherto unpublished).
Incidents in the life of early settlers.
Sketches of the history of the several parishes and settlements in the county-W. K. Reynolds and others.
Biographical sketches and family records of general interest.

While the materials at hand are very full and interesting, they are yet far from being as complete as we could wish. Further documents and information relating to the Loyalist period, and especially to the Cape Ann Association, are very much desired.

Note that these articles were written long after the events they describe. There are certainly errors in some of them. The source for some of the information on the early settlers was local residents who were their descendants. If I know of an error, I have noted it with the article. If you know that something is incorrect, please contact me at caren.a.chandler"AT" (Replace the "AT" with @.) Many of the articles have footnotes that contain additions or corrections to earlier articles.

    Title Surnames
    Prefatory Note Brown, Clinch, Eaton, Ganong, Gillmor, Jack, Lawrence
1 I Introduction  
2 II Prehistoric Monuments Brown, Creed, Ganong, Jack, Wetmore
3 III The Sculptured Stone of Lake Utopia Jack
4 IV The Wabanaki Brown, Ganong, Jack, Matthew, Mitchell
5 V Discoveries at a Village of the Stone Age at Bocabec Jack, Matthew
6 VI Wabanaki Legends Brown, Neptune
7 VII Wabanaki Legends-Continued Brown, Ganong, Jack
8 VIII A Passamaquoddy Allegory Joe
9 IX Wabanaki M'taoulin Brown, Ward
10 X An Etchemin War-Song Jack
11 XI The Last Fight with the Mohawks Ganong, Jack, LaCoot, Lewy, Lux
12 XII The Great Fire Council and the Treaty of Peace Asennask, Dioume, Mitchell, Phillips, Selma, Thomer, Tionakaron
13 XIII Past and Present Condition of the Passamaquoddies Gyles, Hanson, Lacote
14 XIV Inter-Tribal Relations and the Old Routes of Travel Matakando, Raymond, Taxous
15 XV The English at Cape Breton in the Sixteenth Century Harvey, Jack
16 XVI The Passamaquoddies in the French and English Wars de Razilly, Raymond, Serreau, St. Aubin
17 XVII The Passamaquoddy Indians in the French and English Wars-Continued de St. Castine, Gyles, Madockawando, Moxus, Raymond, Simon, Taxous
18 XVIII The Passamaquoddy Indians in the French and English Wars-Continued Assoquad, de St. Castine, Gyles, Raymond, Winslow
19 XIX The Passamaquoddy Indians in the French and English Wars-Continued Abbadouallette, Baillie, Benoist, de Salle, Gerrish, Glode, Neptune, Noellobig, Pedousaghtigh, Raymond, St. Aubin, Toma
20 XX The Indians after the Coming of the English Settlers Boyd, Bradbury, Bungawarawit, Bungawarrawit, Cattron, Duncan, Fletcher, Jones, Kilby, Lutterelle, McNeil, Meeseel, Mitchel, Mitchell, Neptune, Raymond
21 XXI The Indians after the Coming of the English-Continued Brown, Bungawarawit, Bungawarrawit, Curry, Frost, Ganong, Hodges, Jack, Joseph, Neptune, O'Denny, Preble, Raymond, Toma
22 XXII The Explorers of Acadia before Champlain Ganong, Patterson, Wilder
23 XXIII The First French Settlement Ganong, Gesner, Raymond
24 XXIV The First French Settlement-Continued Ganong, Jack, Messamouet, Milberry, Pagan, Parker
25 XXV The First French Settlement-Continued Ganong
26 XXVI The First French Settlement-Continued Ganong
27 XXVII From the Departure of De Monts to the Incursions of Church Awanwas, Ganong, Joseph, Raymond
28 XXVIII From the Departure of De Monts to the Incursions of Church-Continued de Razilly, Ganong
29 XXIX From the Departure of De Monts to the Incursions of Church-Continued Chartier, Dailleboust, De Perigny, De Sorcis, Ganong, Gourdan, Gourdin, Jolicoeur, JollyCure, L'Ambert, Lambert, Latreille, Latrielle, Lena, Letrell, Lotriel, Meusnier, Minn, Raymond, Sarreau, St. Aubin, St. Robin, Zorzy
30 XXX From the Departure of De Monts to the Incursions of Church-Continued De Soreau, Ganong, Latreille, Latrielle, Lutterelle, Melanšon, Meusnier, Petitpas, Raymond, Russell, Serreau, Southack, St. Aubin
31 XXXI Church's Expedition at Passamaquoddy Chartier, Ganong, Gourdan, Latreille, Le Faver, Lefebvre, Lotriel, Sharkee, St. Aubin
32 XXXII Church's Expedition-Continued Edee, Ganong, Gourdan, Sharkee
33 XXXIII Church's Expedition-Continued De Boishebert, De Boisse, Wilder
34 XXXIV The New England Emigration Delancie, Hancock, Watts
35 XXXV The New England Emigration-Continued Dennison, Evens, Fuller, Harris, Hicks, Otis, Rand
36 XXXVI The County of Sunbury Denny, Ganong, Hazen, Ishorwood, Owen, Peabody, Perley, Rand, Sherwood, Simonds, Treat, White
37 XXXVII Early Fishers and Traders Bernard, Blodgett, Boyd, Chaffey, Fletcher, Frost, Gould, Hazen, Hodges, Kilby, McCown, McKown, Mitchell, Nickels, Parsons, Prebble, Raymond, Shaw, Simonds, Tucker, Wilson
    Additions and Corrections Berry, Boyd, Buck, Bulkeley, Carlton, Colson, Denbow, Dorman, Fogg, Foster, Hill, Larabee, Libby, Scott, St. Aubin, Stone, Willey
38 XXXVIII The First English Speaking Settlers Bowen, Boyd, Brown, Chaffey, Clark, Cormock, Crow, Elwell, Farrell, Flagg, Fountain, Frost, Garrison, Hunt, Kelley, Kilby, LaFontaine, Lawless, Leighton, Libbie, Lorimer, Loyd, Mahar, Nickels, Owen, Prebble, Preble, Ricker, Wilder, Wilson
39 XXXIX The Machias Men Albee, Andrews, Berry, Bonney, Buck, Califf, Carlton, Crocker, Dyer, Fogg, Foster, Getchell, Harmon, Hill, Holmes, Horton, Larrabee, Libby, McAllister, O'Brien, Pineo, Scott, Smith, Sprague, Stone
40 XL Early Grants Bernard, Boyd, Bulkeley, Crosby, Curry, Falconer, Farrell, Ferrell, Gorham, Jackson, Mascareen, Mitchell, Ogilvie, Oldham, Owen, Pownal, Thornton, Tucker
41 XLI Grantees Bernard, Boyd, Curry, Ferrell, Gorham, Mascareen, Mascarene, Mitchell, Owen, Pownal, Raymond, Sheriff, Sherriffe, Shrreff, Tucker
42 XLII Captain Ferrell Curry, Ferrell, Fielding, Frink, Haney, Jack, McNeill, Owen
43 XLIII New Warrington and the Campobello Company Boyd, Clark, Curry, Denny, Hersey, Isherwood, Jack, Laighton, Moreau, Owen, Proctor, Rowe, Wilder, Wilson, Wright, Yoxall, Yoxhall
44 XLIV War Chaffey, Getchell, Jones, Knight, McNeill, Moore, O'Brien
45 XLV The Passamaquoddies and the Revolutionary War Hanson, St. Aubin, Toma, Var, Winsor
46 XLVI The Passamaquoddy Indians and the Revolutionary War-Continued Raymond, Toma
47 XLVII The Passamaquoddy Indians and the Revolutionary War-Continued Allen, Hazen, Mitchell, Neptune,Raymond, Simonds, St. Aubin, Studholm, Toma, Xavier
48 XLVIII The Passamaquoddy Indians and the Revolutionary War-Continued Delesdernier, Hawawas, Raymond, St. Aubin, Studholm, Toma
49 XLIX Events of the War Avery, Bell, Brown, Crabtree, Curry, Frost, Heany, Heney, Littlefield, Long, Neptune, Preble
50 L Events of the War-Continued Bourg, Bowen, Chaney, Curry, Francis, Haliburton, Lewis, Littlefield, Neptune, Newlar, Nule, Pislot, Preble, Raymond, Studholme, Toma, Tomma, Wallis
51 LI The Siege of Penobscot Brooke, Caleff, Graham, James, Jewett, Milton, Mowat, Perkins
52 LII Pioneers of Schoodic Chaffey, Crocker, Curry, Dyer, Ferrol, Frost, Getchell, Hill, Libby, McDonald, Meserve, Milberry, Porter, Rolfe, Rose, Sprague, Swain
53 LIII Other Pre-Loyalist Settlers Alderade, Bonney, Bowen, Boynton, Bridges, Carmock, Chaffey, Clarke, Cochran, Crow, Curry, Dinbow, Dinsmore, Dyer, Elwell, Farrel, Fountain, Gamble, Ganong, Gorham, Hanson, Hill, Hodge, Hodges, Holmes, Huckings, Laha, Lawless, Lea, Leighton, Mahar, Mailer, Meagher, Miller, Oliver, Pace, Perston, Preble, Preston, Ricker, Sheriff, Snodin, Spofford, Sprague, Stevenson, Stover, Tucker, Walton, Wilson, Witham, Woodward, Young
54 LIV The United Empire Loyalists Raymond
55 LV The United Empire Loyalists Curwen, Raymond, Ryerson, Winsor
56 LVI The United Empire Loyalists Ramsay, Raymond
57 LVII The United Empire Loyalists Allen, Bailey, DeLancey, Howe, Inglis, Raymond
58 LVIII The United Empire Loyalists Allen, Jones, Galloway, Raymond, Van Schaack
59 LIX The United Empire Loyalists Bailey, Bates, Bayard, Billop, Connolly, DeLancey, Frost, Inglis, Jones, Leaming, Ludlow, Moody, Morris, Phillipse, Raymond, Robinson
60 LX The United Empire Loyalists Cutting, DeLancey, Fanning, Fowler, Hoyt, Jones, Pickett, Raymond
61 LXI The United Empire Loyalists Raymond, Smith
62 LXII The United Empire Loyalists DeLancey, Fanning, Green, Jay, Jones, Lorimer, Raymond
63 LXIII The United Empire Loyalists Bailey, Botsford, Briggs, Cummings, Hanser, Hooker, Raymond, Ryerson, Ward, Williams
64 LXIV The United Empire Loyalists Adnet, Bates, Baxter, Benson, Berton, Botsford, Bourdet, Brown, Camp, Clarke, Cock, Dibblee, Dickinson, Dunham, Elms, Forrester, Frost, Gorham, Hauser, Hill, Holland, Hoyt, Morris, Perley, Peters, Pitcher, Raymond, Sayre, Seabury, Studholme, Thomas, Thompson, Tinker, Upham, Welch, Whitney, Wilson, Winslow
65 LXV The United Empire Loyalists Breynton, Jones, Kirby, Raymond, Ryerson, White, Winslow
66 LXVI The United Empire Loyalists Bayard, Chipman, Fisher, Gorham, Ludlow, Murray, Raymond, Sewell, Thompson, Winslow
67 LXVII The United Empire Loyalists Bedell, Bliss, Chipman, Davidson, Dickenson, Doyle, Hake, Hardy, Law, Knox, Morse, Munro, Paine, Powell, Raymond, Sayre, Winslow
68 LXVIII The United Empire Loyalists Burgoyne, Chase, Hewlett, McGregor, Munro, Murray, Raymond, Sullivan, Thompson
69 LXIX The United Empire Loyalists Botsford, Bradley, Munro, Odell, Raymond, Street, Studholme, Tyng
70 LXX The New Inhabitants at Passamaquoddy Bailey, Bliss, Bonney, Boyd, Chipman, Clinch, Curry, Hanson, Marks, Morris, Morse, Munro, Paine, Payne, Preble, Winslow
71 LXXI Morses's Report Morse
72 LXXII Penn's Field numerous Quaker settlers
73 LXXIII Dr. William Paine Califf, Paine, Sturgis
74 LXXIV Captain Clinch Bailey, Clinch, Whidden
75 LXXV Dr. Paine's Associates Bailey, Bliss, Brown, Caleff, Campbell, Cochran, Dennis, Falsom, Fry, Gardiner, Granger, Grant, Harwood, McKay, Mowatt, Paine, Richardson
76 LXXVI Forgotten Towns Bailey, Campbell, Fairlamb, Jones, Mahood, McLeod, Morris, Wright
    The Parish of Pennfield, County of Charlotte, Province of New Brunswick. Chapter I Armstrong, Bartlett, Boyd, Bucknam, Carlyle, Copeland, Cricket, Dixon, Hawkins, Johnson, Justason, Magee, Mahood, McCarroll, McGivern, McGowan, McKay, Munson, Pendleton, Poole, Rait, Smith, Stitt, Tatton, Thompson, Watson, Watt, Wilkinson, Young, plus a list of residents in 1838
    The Parish of Pennfield, County of Charlotte, Province of New Brunswick. Chapter II Anderson, Andrews, Archibald, Armstrong, Bothwick, Boyd, Brown, Bucknam, Campbell, Carlyle, Crickett, Daley, Dixon, Dougan, Douglas, Eldridge, Gillespie, Gilmore, Guthrie, Hanson, Hawkins, Hayford, Holmes, Hunter, Jack, Johnson, Justason, Kennedy, Knight, Lawrence, McCarroll, McDowell, McKay, Munson, Noble, Osburne, Poole, Prescott, Say, Spears, Stitt, Tatton, Thompson, Trainor, Young
77 LXXVII Magaguadavic Bailey, Bliss, Campbell, Clinch, Cox, Davidson, Estey, Goss, Lee, McDugald, Neill, Paine, Snyder, Sparks, Sutherland, Von Gereau, Walton
78 LXXVIII St. Andrews Boyd, Brown, Clark, Clinch, Frost, Hanson, Troak, Whidden, Young
79 LXXIX St. Andrews (Continued) Ally, Jones, Morris, Morse, Pagan, Terry
80 LXXX St. Andrews-Continued Bailey, Blodget, Bonney, Clinch, Curry, Ferrel, Hazen, Hinchman, Jameson, Jones, Paine, Peaslie, Simonds, White
81 LXXXI The Evacuation of Castine Brown, Campbell, Clarke, Cooksons, Greenlaw, Hatheway, Linburner, Nason, Rollins, Rusel, Sween, Thomson
82 LXXXII A New District Court Bailey, Clinch, Curry, Gallop, Hodges, Pagan
83 LXXXIII St. Andrews Grantees long list of grantees at St. Andrews
84 LXXXIV The Grantees of St. Andrews-Continued Andrews, Anstruther, Caleff, Gerish, Jones, Marks, McMaster, Osburne, Pagan, Parker, Pote, Thompson, Thornton, Tompkins, Wyer
85 LXXXV Morristown Atherton, Brown, Colvill, Crocker, Dunbar, Gordon, Libby, Marks, Martin, McGrier or McGear, Ryan
86 LXXXVI The Port Matoon Association Bentley, Bradford, Dodd, Dunbar, Frazer, Grace, Grant, Greenlow, Hitchings, Magee, Marks, Paul, Post, Upton, plus a long list of grantees at St. Stephen
87 LXXXVII The Port Matoon Association-Continued Brewer, Campbell, Dunbar, Gordon, Hill, Howard, Marks, McDiarmid, Murphy, Pagan, Tompkins, Upton, Wall
88 LXXXVIII The Port Matoon Association-Continued Dodd, Grace, Hill, Maxwell
89 LXXXIX The Port Matoon Association-Continued Bennet, Brewer, Brown, Burgess, Calendar, Corvan, Dixon, Dodd, Dodge, Dunbar, Farren, Ferring, Frazer, George, Grant, Grimmer, Hill, Kennedy, Marks, McColl, McLellan, McLennan, McRa, Mitchell, Murchie, Patton, Post, Wall, Watson
90 XC The Port Matoon Association-Continued Barber, Betson, Burgess, Campbell, Christie, Corvan, Darby, Eldred, Farren, Fowler, Fraser, Frazer, Grimmer, Lawrie, Marks, Murchie, Osborne, Porter, Simpson, Wall, Wallar, Way, Wilson
91 XCI The Port Matoon Association-Continued Barber, Biddle, Brady, Brown, Campbell, Chisholm, Christie, Cormick, Dennick, Dobbie, Dobbins, Farren, Fowler, Frazer, Frink, Garnett, Goodwin, Grames, Grant, Grimmer, Hastey, Hayman, Hemen, Holmes, Hutson, Jones, Kennedy, Lafartie, Lane, Lunn, Lurbutt, Lyall, Lyle, Marks, Maybee, McAllan, McArthur, McBean, McCormick, McDonald, McGier, McLaughlin, McLellan, McMillan, McMullin, McPherson, Merrell, Mitchell, Murchie, Nesbitt, Osborne, Osburne, Patterson, Pine, Post, Robinson, Rose, Shelton, Skelton, Surbutt, Smy, Tipping, Walker, Walton, Wilson, Wingood
92 XCII The Schoodic Shore Lots Anstruther, Brady, Broad, Buchannan, Campbell, Chaffey, Clark, Curry, Dunbar, Dyer, Frink, Frost, Getchell, Grant, Hill, Libby, Lindsay, Marks, McColl, McDonald, Millbury, Moore, Pagan, Pine, Porter, Rose, Salts, Sprague, Stewart, Stuart
93 XCIII St. Andrews Grantees Brown, Carlow, Dogget, Dunn, Gallop, Goldsmith, Grant, Jamieson, Lillie, Limeburner, Martin, McIntosh, McPhail, Norwood, Rementon, Remington, Ross, Stewart, Thompson, Tower, Vance
94 XCIV St. Andrews Grantees-Continued Bliss, Caleff, Campbell, Chipman, DeWolfe, Douglas, Emerson, Mahoney, Mowat, Paine, Peters, Seabury, Smith, Stilckey, Wetmore, Whitlock, Young
95 XCV Digdeguash Blakney, Cameron, Campbell, Carmichael, Cockburn, Johnston, Lindsay, McCallum, McDonald, McFarlane, McIlroy, McLean, McMaster, Stewart, Tupper, Underwood, Williamson
96 XCVI Digdeguash-Continued Allanshaw, Andrews, Anstruther, Bohanan, Boney, Bonney, Brown, Buchanan, Campbell, Curry, Fisher, Flynn, Gallop, Jameson, Libby, McDonald, McIlroy, McLeod, McMaster, Mowatt, Pagan, Pote, Simpson, Sprage, Sprague, Stevens, Stewart, Thomas, Watt, Whitlock, Wyer
97 XCVII Flora MacDonald Curry, MacDonald
98 XCVIII The Seventy-Fourth Regiment at Castine Caleff, Campbell, Craig, McLean, Moore, Williamson
99 XCIX Captain Henry Mowat Mowat, Williamson
100 C The Seventy-Fourth Association Cameron, Campbell, Clark, Hatheway, McLean, Pagan, Pote, Stewart, Walker, Williamson
101 CI The Seventy-Fourth Association-Continued long list of 74th Regiment grantees
102 CII The Seventy-Fourth Association-Continued Anstruther, Boyd, Brown, Campbell, Cowie, Cowey, Crocker, Fairweather, Frost, Getchell, Grant, Hill, Jeffreys, Libby, Lindsay, Lumsdane, Marple, Maybee, McCallum, McColl, McDougall, McLellan, McPhail, Milberry, Pendlebury, Piercy, Rankin, Sellars, Sim, Strachan, Swain, Trafton, Williamson
103 CIII The Seventy-Fourth Association-Continued Ames, Anstruther, Brown, Cameron, Chatty, Clarke, Coue, Cowie, Christie, Cristy, Crocker, Dempsey, Goslin, Gosling, Goswelling, Grant, Hill, Knight, Lindsay, Campbell, MacLellan, Malcolm, Marks, Marple, McCallum, McColl, McDiarmid, McDonald, McDougall, McLean, McLellan, McNiven, McPhaill, McRa, Mitchell, Moore, Rankin, Stewart, Todd, Williamson
104 CIV Port Matoon Beardsley, Campbell, Grimmer, Marks, McBean, McLaggan, McNiven, McVicar, Milbery, Murchie, Sprague, Stewart, Swain, Sween, Vance, Young
105 CV The Old Settlers of Passamaquoddy Brown, Clarke, Curtis, Dibblee, Dow, Foster, Frost, McNutt, Rolf, Say, Simonds, White
106 CVI The Penobscot Association Grant long list of Penobscot Association grantees
107 CVII The Penobscot Association Grant-Continued long list of Penobscot Association grantees
108 CVIII The Seventy-Fourth Cockburn, Craig, Dick, Fitzsimmonds, Frost, Johnston, Lindsay, Littel, McCallum, McDiarmid, McDonald, McFarlan, McTavish, McVicar, Stewart
109 CIX The Penobscot Associated Loyalists Boyd, Brown, Campbell, Doty, Doughty, Frost, Gallop, Gammon, Goldsmith, Gommons, Hanson, Jack, Kennedy, Leeman, Marks, McDonald, McMaster, McRea, Mowatt, Pagan, Raymond, Simonds, Stewart, Stilckey, Stuart, Swain, Sween, Thompson, Williamson, Wyer, Young
110 CX James Simonds Berry, Blodget, Cox, Hazen, Hilliard, Hunt, Jarvis, March, McCown, Middleton, Morland, Nason, Peaslie, Raymond, Simonds, Studholme, Walker, White, Wiggins
111 CXI James Boyd Boyd, Gamble, Gorham, Sheriff, Simonds, Tucker
112 CXII The Penobscot Associated Loyalists-Continued Arnold, Brown, Frost, Gerrish, Jones, Moore, Morris, Pomeroy, Ross, Simonds, Swain, Taylor
113 CXIII Matthew Thornton Crawford, Thornton, Young
114 CXIV Matthew Thornton-Continued Donald, Hill, Marks, Thornton, Upton
115 CXV The Penobscot Associated Loyalists-Continued Bradford, Brown, Clinch, Crocker, Cudlip, Ferguson, Hannah, Marsh, McKean, Milliken, Mowat, Seelye, Shaw, Taylor, Towers
116 CXVI The Cape Ann Association Goldsmith, Norwood, McLaughlan, long list of Cape Ann Association grantees
117 CXVII The Cape Ann Association-Continued Clark, Cleves, Dana, Davis, Dennison, Goss, Lufkin, Mack, Norwood, Parsons, Sargent, Saville, Stevens, Stickney
118 CXVIII The Cape Ann Association-Continued Brown, Buntin, Chase, Christie, Christy, Clendenin, Clindenin, Connick, Darling, Gerrish, Goldsmith, Hitchings, Lindsay, Livingstone, Marks, Maxwell, McAllister, McLaughlan, McLaughlin, Moore, Morrill, Mowatt, Norwood, Porter, Stickney, Todd, Vance
119 CXIX The Cape Ann Association-Continued Mowat, Mowatt
120 CXX The Cape Ann Association-Continued Arnott, Bailey, Baker, Campbell, Conner, Gerrish, Gillis, Grant, Gray, Maloney, McAllister, McCurdy, McIntire, Moore, Morris, Muncur, Norwood, Priest, Quincy, Sheppard, Stewart, Stuart, Vance
121 CXXI West Isles and Campobello Loyalists Appleby, Clarke, Cline, Conley, Cook, Cummings, Dodge, Dow, Ferrol, Fountain, Frost, Gorham, Heney, Jourdan, Klein, Lambert, Leonard, McNeil, Owen, Pendleton, Richardson, Rolf, Rolfe, Stuart, Veitch
122 CXXII West Isles and Campobello Loyalists-Continued Brown, Butler, Campbell, Card, Cook, Dean, Ferrel, Ferrell, Flinn, Good, Gorham, Hardy, Hill, Lambert, Leeman, McMaster, Pendleton, Reid, Stuart, Walsh, Weaver
123 CXXIII West Isles and Campobello Loyalists-Continued Appleton, Boyd, Butler, Campbell, Fraser, Higginson, Jones, Lloyd, McCurdy, Morris, Owen, Raymond, Storrow, Stover, Wells, Wilson
124 CXXIV Other Loyalists Andrews, Brown, Clarke, Cuyler, Davis, Ferris, Ferrell, Frink, Garnett, Garrison, Hatch, Henderson, Howe, Lloyd, Maybee, McKay, Putnam, Rose, Smith, Thomas, Thornton, Vernon, Vroom, Wallace
125 CXXV Hugh Cameron of the Seventy-Fourth Association Cameron, Ludgate, McCallum, McDonald, McFarlane, McKay, Morrison
126 CXXVI The County Warrant Anstruther, Bliss, Buffington, Campbell, Clinch, Currie, Fairlambe, Gallop, Garnett, Gerrish, Goldsmith, Marks, Pagan, Pote, Spencer, Stewart, Wyer