From Library and Archives Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785

(M.G. 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 24, pages 164-166) Microfilm C-9818

The list below has been sorted in alphabetical order by surname, in order to isolate possible family groups.

List of Men, Women and Children of the late Royal Fencible American Regiment in the District of Passamaquoddy

Names Women Children over 10 Childn undr 10
John Austin      
Wm Austin      
      James Atkinson
John Bailley Mary Bailly Anna Bailly  
Philip Bailly Capt. Mrs Bailly Eliz. Bailly  
Thomas Bailly   John Bailly  
Geo. Bampton Elinor Bampton   Paul Bampton
Paul Bampton      
Malcolm Blayer Anne Blayer   Anna Blayer
Samuel Brown      
Chas Bullock Eliz. Bullock   Charles Bullock
      James Bullock
      John Bullock
      Mary Bullock
John Burkstaff Sophia Burkstaff    
Moses Burns      
Robt Carlisle      
John Cashen      
Jeremiah Clarke      
James Cleveland      
Peter Clinch Capt.      
  Elinor Conden   Mary Conden
John Connick      
Patrick Connolly      
Hugh Connor      
Philip Corn      
Miles Cunningham      
Patrick Danields Eliz. Daniels    
Michael Dealy      
David Dee      
Michael Dunfield Lydia Dunfield   Mary Dunfield
John Durosey      
Edwd Eagan      
Thomas Emerson      
Daniel Evans      
  Eliz. Farrell    
Darby Finn      
Morris FitzGerald      
Patrick Fling Mary Fling    
Richard Forrester      
Thomas Gainer      
Henry Graham      
Martin Hall      
Willliam Hamilton Sarah Hamilton Anna Hamilton  
    Eliz. Hamilton  
Geo. Hammond Eliz. Hammond John Hammond  
    Susa Hammond  
Geo. Harvey Eliz. Harvey    
Henry Hatt Mary Hatt John Hatt  
Wm Hatton Mary Hatton    
William Hawkins Hannah Hawkins Eliz. Hawkins  
    Philip Hawkins  
    Zed. Hawkins  
Alexr Henderson      
John Hoben      
Aaron Hogarth      
James Hooper Abigail Hooper   Elizabeth Hooper
William Hooper      
Wm Hurley Anna Hurly    
John Innes      
James Innis junr      
James Innis      
John Johnston      
Michl Kelly Joannah Kelly Polly Kelly Jane Kelly
Wm Kelly jun      
George Kerns      
James Kinsley      
James Kirby      
John Lantz Sarah Lantz Josiah Lantz  
    Sarah Lantz  
George Lester      
Andw Lloyd Fanny Lloyd CathneLloyd Andw Lloyd
David Lloyd   Fanny Lloyd Nancy Lloyd
    Plato Lloyd William Lloyd
Alexr Long Elizabeth Long   Mary Long
Thomas Looby Elizabeth Looby    
Benjn Lovely Sarah Lovely Benjn Lovely Thomas Lovely
Michael Maden Jane Maden   Henry Maden
William Masters Margt Masters William Masters  
  Anna McAnnella    
Dennis McCarty      
Patrick McDonald      
John McKay Susannh McKay Eliz. McKay  
    John McKay  
James McNab Lieut.      
David McNamara      
James Morrison      
James Murray      
Joseph Nash Sarah Nash Eliz. Nash Joseph Nash
      Mary Nash
      Nancy Nash
Edward Neal      
Timothy Noonan      
William Paul      
Wm Peply      
Joseph Pereau      
William Peters      
Will. Player      
Morris Powers      
John Reddinton      
James Reilly Mary Reilly James Reilly  
    Mary Reilly  
Robt Richards      
John Roach      
John Ross Mary Ross    
George Ruth      
Corns Ryan Sheilah Ryan    
John Ryan      
William Ryan      
Wm Ryan      
John Shaw Mary Shaw   Charles Shaw
Michl Shea Margt Shea    
Samuel Sinclair      
John Standred      
John Stone Mary Stone   Mary Stone
James Thompson      
John Traverse Catharine Traverse Edward Traverse  
    John Traverse  
    Peggy Traverse  
James Troak Margaret Troak Eliz. Troak  
    James Troak  
    John Troak  
Joseph Walker      
Daniel Ward Catharine Ward Geo. Ward  
Geo. Welsh Eliz. Welsh   Elizabeth Welsh
William Welsh      
Frans Wiederholt      
Nichs Wild      
William Woodward      

Letang 2d July
P Bailey
late R.F.A. Regt
Jas McNabb Ensn
late R.F.A. Regt

I do certify that the annexed named Men, Women & Children are actually present and are by the Kings Instructions entitled to their proportion of the Royal Bounty.

Letang 3d July 1784
(signed) Gillam Tailer
A. C.