Carmel Secord, son of William and Ruth (Hunt) Secord

I have a copy of a transcription of William's will. It lists his daughters all by name, and his son William who predeceased him. The will mentions four other sons, still living, but only names one of them, James, as executor. The other three are commonly agreed to be Gilead, Elijah, and Carmel. I have not yet seen proof of this but I am comfortable that it is correct as it appears that a listing of the children of the other Secord family in the area, Elias and Abigail (Babcock) Secord, has survived and been passed down. This gives their children by name with date of birth, and it does not include Gilead, Elijah, or Carmel. These three also seem to be connected to Kings County, New Brunswick, where William lived, and not Queens County, where Elias lived.

Ruby Cusack's Kings County marriage book [Yesteryear - King's County, New Brunswick Marriages, Register A] contains a marriage record for Carmel Secord to Sarah Elizabeth Cosman on February 21, 1826. They were both of Greenwich parish, Kings County.

Sarah died July 23, 1842, according to the cemetery records for Tennant's Cove (West) Cemetery in Kings County:


SECORD: 31: Sarah E. w/o Carmel Secord  d. 23 Jul 1842 ae 38

According to the Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspaper database on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB) website (http://archives.gnb.ca/APPS/NewspaperVitalStats/?culture=en-CA), Carmel married a second wife, Eliza "Pailie" (actually Parlee), on May 2, 1844:

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 10 Number 2358

Date June 14 1844
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper Weekly Chronicle

m. By Rev. H.N. Arnold, 2nd May, Carmel SECORD, Studholm / Miss Eliza PAILIE, Sussex Vale (Kings Co.)

In the 1851 census for Norton, King's County, New Brunswick, Carmel and family appear on page 37. Carmel and Eliza were both 48, along with eight sons and daughters, all apparently from Carmel's first marriage: Margaret, 21; James, 19; George, 17; Susanna, 15; Mary, 14; William, 13; Caleb, 12; and John, 10.

By the time of the 1881 census for Springfield, King's County, New Brunswick (page 37), Eliza had died and Carmel had married again, and all of the sons and daughters were out on their own. His third wife is said to be Almira Gillies. Carmel died in 1892 and was buried with his second wife in Midland Cemetery, Springfield, King's County. Almira died in 1901 and was also buried with Carmel:


Carmel Secord May 1803 - Oct 1892

(side) Almira d. May 1901 age 76

(side) Eliza Parlee Mar 1803 - Aug 1878