Olive/Olivet Secord, daughter of William and Ruth (Hunt) Secord

I have a copy of a transcription of William's will. It lists his daughters, including one listed as Olive. I expect that on the original, though, the name actually appears as Olivet. The commonly accepted spouse for Olivet is Joseph Guiou, though I have not seen any proof of that. I have a copy of a work called "The Guiou/Gue Family of New York and New Brunswick". The author is Harry Macy, Jr. and it is dated 2004. According to this work, Joseph Guiou who was the son of Isaac and Lettice Guiou was born about 1787 and married Olivet whose last name was unknown to Macy. He further states that the marriage took place around 1809, after June 6 of that year as Joseph petitioned for land on that date as a single man. By the time of the 1851 census, he notes that Joseph had died and Olivet had remarried to a Colpitts who had also died. Macy lists their children as Susanna, born about 1810 and married Jacob Gillies; Ruth, born about 1811 and married Stephen Gray; James, born about 1812 and married Jemima Fowler; Gilead, born about 1818 and married Sarah Cosman; Sarah, born about 1818 and unmarried and living with her mother in the 1851 census; and Emily who married Peter Cosman in 1851. I have not attempted to confirm any of this, except that I have seen the 1851 census record for Olivet Colpitts and her daughter Sarah Guiou. At that time they were living in Springfield, Kings County, NB. Olivet "Colpit" was a widow, age 63, and Sarah Guiou was her daughter, age 33. That would suggest a year of birth of about 1788 for Olivet and 1818 for Sarah. Both were listed as natives of NB.

The November 15, 1864 issue of the Saint John Daily Telegraph reported the death of Olivet as follows (from the Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers database on the Provincial Archives of NB site):

"d. Springfield (Kings Co.) Tuesday 1st inst., Olivet relict of William COLPITTS of Westmorland County, age 78."

The New Brunswick Courier reported the same information in its November 19, 1864 edition, also from the Vital Statistics database:

d. Springfield (Kings Co.) 1st inst., Olivet Col relict of William COLPITTS (West. Co.) age 78.

That tells us that Olivet died on November 1, 1864 at the age of 78, which would suggest a year of birth of 1786.

The records of Midland Baptist Cemetery in Kings County, NB are online at https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2344432/memorial-search. There is a record that gives us one more child of Olivet's, though it lists her as Olive again:

GUIOU, Frances ...died 1841, d/o Joseph & Olive Guiou

In the same cemetery is buried "Gillied" Guiou who must have been Olivet's son:

GUIOU, Gillied...died Mar 1851, aged 33 years

This was likely her son James in the same cemetery:

GUIOU, James ...died Sep 1851, aged 39 years

The names Susan, Ruth, James, Gilead, and Sarah all appear in the family of Olive/Olivet Secord, which fits with the supposition that it was she who married Joseph Guiou.

The will of William Secord, dated Oct. 21, 1843, was witnessed by James Guiou and Elizabeth Guiou, presumably connected to Olivet in some way.