Ruth (Hunt) Secord is mostly a mystery. She was the wife of William Secord the Loyalist, and came with him and the first few of their children to what is now New Brunswick from New York in 1783.

In the registers for the First and Second Presbyterian Church of New York City, there are two baptism records for this family on April 16, 1775. One is for William Secord, born Feb. 18, 1775, and the son of William and Ruth (Hunt) Secord. The other baptism record is for Ruth Secord herself. Her age was given as 17. Perhaps she was baptized in a different church (not Presbyterian) in childhood, and was now converting to her husband's faith. Unfortunately, the space for names of parents was left blank for her. I have seen these records (a typed transcription of the original) on LDS film 1002749.

An age of 17 in April, 1775 would suggest a year of birth of 1758 if Ruth had already had her birthday that year, or 1757 if she turned 18 later in 1775. It is reasonable to assume, given her age at this point, that William Jr. was her first child, and that she and William had been married a year or so before, likely in early 1774 or late 1773.

Some sources give Ruth's date of death as July, 1837, and state that she was buried in the cemetery at Trinity Church in Kingston, Kings County, NB on July 12, 1837. Thomas Murray has given me the backup for that information: the burial records of Trinity Anglican Church, Kingston, Kingston Parish, Kings County, NB from 1816-1870, as found on microfilm F-1011 of the Provincial Archives of NB. The same records give her age at the time of her death as 79. Her age at the time of her baptism, combined with this age, suggests that she was born between mid-1757 and mid-1758. Her death in 1837 fits with William's will, dated Oct. 21, 1843, as Ruth is not mentioned there.

I have seen an online family tree give Ruth's father as Moses Hunt, with no source listed. This may result from the mention of Moses Hunt twice in William Secord's Loyalist claim. William explained in his claim that he came from Orange County, NY, and went to Newboro in the year 1766. He stated that he lost some goods when he went within the British lines in 1777, and that Moses Hunt took some of them, and that Moses was the man from whom he had "hired" the land he was working at that time. It is reasonable to assume that Moses Hunt was connected to Ruth in some way, as William must have met Ruth while he was living on the land he was leasing from Moses. Obviously Moses did not agree with or approve of William's Loyalist leanings. This sort of rift severed many families at that time, of course. If Moses was indeed Ruth's father or brother or uncle, this would explain why William and Ruth did not name a child for him.