Elias Secord signatures

1) Will - I haven't been able to find a will for Elias.

2) Loyalist claim documents, 1780s - (See transcriptions: first, second, and third.)

I don't see any original signature made by Elias Secord on any of the various Secord Loyalist documents from the late 1780s. Most of them are clearly William Secord's documents, anyway. One document has "signatures" of William and Elias Secord but it is evident that it is a transcription of the original as the wax seals next to the names have been drawn on and the handwriting for both "signatures" is the same:

3) Land petitions

Elias Secord, Samuel Cain, and William Humphries petitioned for land in 1804. It appears that the "signatures" at the end were written by someone else:

Another land petition, involving Thomas Corey of Queens County, was signed by an Elias Secord in 1823. By this time, there was at least one other adult Elias Secord in the area, so we can't be certain which Elias signed it. Here are the signatures from that petition:

In 1838, Elias Secord petitioned for a pension due to him as an old soldier from the Revolutionary War. See http://archives.gnb.ca/DigitizedDocuments/OldSoldiers/RS24/1838-Petition-144-p1.jpg for the complete petition. The signature from that document is:

This signature must be in the hand of the Elias Secord who is of interest here. It matches the one immediately above it reasonably well.